Heroes – Let it Bleed – Episode 14 Review

If you watch NBC’s Heroes for the action, “Let it Bleed” isn’t representative of the TV show’s potential. The heroes talk of action over taking action in this episode. Heroes may be building its momentum, as the TV series has done in past seasons. The result could be very intense Heroes episodes later on.

Review of Star Trek (2009)

One of the biggest hits of this past year was the re-make of Star Trek. This review takes a look at Star Trek now that is available on DVD to see if it is worth your time.

Top 5 Casino/Poker Movies

Rounders: – Not too much to say about this movie. For Texas Hold’em fans this is their filmatic-Bible. Rounders is inescapable, and a bit overrated, but all around enjoyable, especially for John Malkovich’s great performance (and accent).

Tape Labeling Etiquette

Tape labeling in an important but often overlooked part of video production. Here are a few tips on how to label tapes and why thorough tape labeling is important.

In No Particular Order, 10 Must See Movies of 2009

500 Days of Summer: This film should be a strong contender for the now 10 flick deep Academy Awards – Best Picture category. This story presented in a nonlinear narrative (not in chronological sequence) depicts a memory driven look at a failed romance. Stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (A River Runs Though It and 3rd Rock from the Sun) and Zooey Deschanel (Yes Man and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy), engages the audience into the couple’s relationship woes.

B-Roll Basics

Where would we be without B-roll – that supporting footage that helps visually demonstrates the theme or thought of a piece and bridges interview bites, ideas and cuts? Here are some tips on how to get useful and effective B-roll for all of your video production needs.

Do You Know Who Wrote Your Favorite Comedies?

After seeing the new crop of comedies that have been released over the past few years, I started to wonder who was responsible for coming up with some of the funniest and most politically incorrect movies in Hollywood today. The Internet Movie Database also known as IMDB is a great tool to find the answers about anything Hollywood. So I dove in with a few of my favorites and came up with some surprising insight.

Bono, Leo, and Pam – 8 Celebs and Their Causes

Are you having a difficult time remembering if Leo’s cause is the environment or is he a vegan? And can you remember if Sean Penn is against the war or was it just George Bush that Penn was vehemently opposed to? Here is our guide to remembering what causes are covered by which celebrities.

What Canadian Sites Stream TV Shows Like Hulu Does?

Canadian viewers might not be able to watch Hulu, but your own networks offer plenty of online viewing options. So find out what Canadian sites stream television shows just like Hulu does.

Carnivale Seasons 1-2 DVD Box Set

The hit HBO series Carnivale has had a huge fan following when it was first launched since it followed in the footsteps of the earlier hit series of the 90’s Twin Peaks. The show is set in 1934 and focuses on the life of two men, both of who have psychic talents.

Boston Legal Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Set

Boston Legal follows the life of several attorneys and has been a hit series since its launch. The series manages to successfully blend in politics, drama and comedy along with healthy dozes of current affairs every now and then to keep it all interesting.

The X Files Seasons 1-9 DVD Box Set

The X Files need no introduction. Anyone who has ever been even remotely interested in TV would definitely know about the X Files. The series is known to be one of the most intelligent series in the history of television and is even remembered today.