The Veria Network’s Under the Sun Series on Sustainable Living – Review of the Oaxaca Episodes

The Veria Network’s cable TV series entitled Under the Sun now includes two hour-long episodes about sustainable, healthy, holistic and environmentally friendly living and working in the central valleys of the State of Oaxaca. Follow adventurer Nathan LeRoy to ten different venues where he meets native Oaxacans who teach him about how they are contributing to a healthy Mexico through their craft production, cooking, and more.

2012 – Best Disaster Movie of All Times

The end of world has been a favorite theme of Hollywood for many years. But no movie has shown this much destruction ever before all thanks to out of this world animation industry we have today. The computer effects are breathtaking and in no instance you will complain about lack of reality.

Internet Piracy – A Growing Menace

Internet Piracy is increasing beyond control. The major industries experiencing a setback in terms of revenue are Movie, Games and Music Industry. Piracy has existed since movies were made available on widespread used portable formats such as CD’s and DVD’s.

New Angelina Jolie Movie Salt

So what happens to a movie when the main actor is no longer fit for the role? Well they just say goodbye to him or her and hello to the replacement.

Who is the Next Marlon Brando?

Well, just who is the next Marlon Brando? It’s a question that’s been playing on your mind as well, I know! However, before we blurt out an answer let us delve a little deeper into what “being the next Brando” actually means. Am I speculating on who will be the next actor to wear a tight white t-shirt and mumble through a scene with spellbinding magnetism? Of course not!! That would be nothing more then re-selling a cheap parody of an image now over fifty years old.

The Highlights of “New Moon” – The Twilight Saga

After we fell in love with Edward and Bella in the first series “Twilight,” the next series is now in the cinemas entitled, New Moon the Twilight Saga. The second series of Twilight has a lot of twist and more surprise characters. The New Moon is a film adaptation from the book by Stephanie Meyer.

True Blood – TV Show Info

The hit HBO series True Blood was created and produced by Alan Ball. Alan E. Ball born May 13, 1957. He is known for writing the film American Beauty and creating and producing the HBO series Six Feet Under. Alan’s TV show True Blood premiered on September 7th, 2008 and had 1.4 million viewers.

Avatar Action Movie

This article is about the amazing Avatar action movie. It’s directed by James Cameron, who also directed Titanic. This movie takes us to a completely new world! Well, actually it takes place on a moon called Pandora.

The Very Best Lifetime Movies

Ever wonder what titles have made it to the list of best Lifetime movies? Well, you don’t have to wait and wonder any longer. Here are the flicks that have caused Lifetime fans to Tweet, cheer, jeer, laugh, and cry.

The Return to Stop-Motion

With the highly-anticipated release of Fantastic Mr. Fox, director Wes Anderson’s loose adaptation of the celebrated children’s book by Roald Dahl, stop-motion has once again returned to theatres to remind audiences of the thrill of kinetic visuals. With the success of Pixar films like Up! and WALL-E, audiences have been forced to sit through an over saturation of visually stunning but poorly-plotted stories.

Audition For Disney

Searching for auditions for Disney? As parents, you want the best for your child, even making it big on a hit Disney Channel show. Read on for a background on how to get there.

The Rundown on Home Projectors

Projectors, so you’ve decided to buy a projector to spice up your entertainment center. There are a couple of key things to watch for depending on your room setup.