Was Scarlett Johansson the Right Choice to Play the Black Widow?

Iron Man 2 had some fundamental flaws. It was crammed full of different story lines, plot drifts and references to the upcoming Avengers movie in 2012. One of its biggest flaws was that apart from the main character Tony Stark, the rest of the cast fell a bit flat. The worst case was Scarlett Johansson’s character the Black Widow.

The Best Comedy Movies

The globe has been repeatedly hit by disasters; the economies are still recuperating from crises and unemployment. In 2010, there was so much to grieve and worry about. And despite that, Hollywood kept rolling out comedies to ensure the audiences kept chuckling and forgot some of their personal problems and hassles.

Dubbing: No Funny Business

Sometimes, for translators, not to mention audiences, dubbing and subtitling are no joke. It is not just humour that is often lost in translation.

Movie Review: Bridesmaids (2011)

Bridesmaids is not the feel-good teen sex farce it initially passes itself off to be. Instead, it’s bizarrely reminiscent of Alien, in that the entire cast is older, seasoned and no longer the wild party-going folk we’d expect of them. While there are laugh-out-loud moments, the more substantial themes of life-altering change, staying true to oneself, and recognizing the power of friendship, are dark and serious.

Movie Review: Thor (2011)

There’s a lot of substance to Norse mythology, with its rich layers of gods, their worlds and their feats. There are also a lot of characters and storylines surrounding the Marvel Thor comic books. As if this undertaking wasn’t enough, the Thor movie chooses to include two thorough plot lines in vastly different locales, a love story, a redemption arc and a monarchist coup subplot, an army of giant arctic beasts, and a nearly unstoppable alien juggernaut.

Uplift The Race – Three Spike Lee Joints

For twenty years now, ever since his debut feature She’s Gotta Have It in 1986, Spike Lee (b. 1957) has been one of the most innovative and provocative directors of his time. As expressed numerous times throughout his many films, Lee’s highest goal is to “wake up” and uplift all oppressed and deluded people, but he has an understandably primary concern for his own people, the African-Americans who have been abused and misrepresented in the United States ever since before it was even called the United States.

How Things Work – Pan And Scan

So you just put a DVD into the player and you’re ready to sit back and relax and enjoy a movie with your girlfriend. You get that FBI copyright infringement warning but then you see this “This film has been modified from its original version, it has been formatted to fit your television screen.” If you see this, then you are about to view a film that has been Panned and Scanned.

Reviewed: I Saw The Devil (2011)

A foreign movie from the country of South Korea, I Saw The Devil keeps in tune with many of the films to successfully make it out of Korea with it’s dark and gory plot based around revenge. It follows Kim Soo-hyeon (Byung-hun Lee) who is a highly trained agent. One night while stranded on the side of the road after her car breaks down, Kim’s pregnant fiancee is attacked and brutally murdered by Kyung-chul (Min-sik Choi).

Should This Be the Summer of Villains Instead of Heroes?

I loved the Thor movie. I thought it was fantastic and finally delivered something comic book movies have been struggling with for a long while. A classic villain.

Top 5 Episodes of Scrubs to Watch

Have you thought about watching online episodes of Scrubs, but you are not really sure where to begin? Before you start to stream Scrubs online, please read through my Top 5 listing of the Best Episodes of Scrubs!

Come and Dance

‘Strictly come Dancing’, the British TV series distributed by BBC Worldwide, is the format extended to “Dancing with the Stars”, the reality show airing on ABC that has now been licensed to more than 30 countries worldwide. Television Business International rated this show as the world’s most popular TV series in 2006 and 2007 across all genres, in no less than 17 countries. Dancing with the Stars features pairs of celebrities with professional dancers who compete each by performing dances. Elimination on the show is by scores determined by a panel of judges and viewers who vote in within a particular time frame. Each week a couple with the lowest combined score gets eliminated and the contest progresses to the next round. The winner is chosen in the same manner.

New Reality Show: “Trauma or Drama” Reveals If We Have Our Personality Or If Our Personality Has Us

Most of us have QUALITY of life issues in place of life or death issues. Those who have REAL issues, as opposed to ego and/or drama, to deal with, often become stronger from just surviving. As Frederich Nietzsche said ” If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger.”