Nowhere Boy

Audiences get to witness the hard days that become the fuel for the blaze to come. Overall, the film is more of an emotionally engaging, honest story of a teenage boy that desperately wants to belong somewhere, and that teenage boy just happens to be John Lennon.

Vintage Movie Posters

From the beginning of cinema, film posters were loaned to theatres to promote a film, then returned to the film exchange or sent to the next theatre on the distribution circuit. If the harshness of the 1920s and 1930s kept movie posters out of the hands of the general public, the paper shortage of the war years also helped to keep movie memorabilia out of general circulation; so it is no surprise that film posters from the years of 1930 to 1945 are quite scarce.

What Has Video Done to This World?

On March 11, 2011, we saw tragedy unfold right before our eyes on television, the internet and cell phones. The ground hadn’t even stopped shaking in Japan when the first live television news reports were being seen all over the world.

Pirates – Fame and Infamy

Thanks to the worldwide success of Hollywood blockbuster movies ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’, ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ and ‘At World’s End’ just about everyone everywhere now knows the name of the infamous fictional pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Never Let Me Go (2010)

The cinematography of the film is simultaneously breathtaking and tragic. Romanek captures the sweeping energy of nature and places the characters in wide open, endless spaces; a contradiction to the characters.

The Lincoln Lawyer Movie Review – A Narrative Worth Watching

Fairly engaging as far as the plot goes and a little over the top in the manner in which the drama unfolds, Lincoln Lawyer isn’t a complete lost cause. Most of the film’s ‘aha’ moments aren’t really aha in the true sense of the word, yet Lincoln Lawyer is a fairly engrossing watch.

DVDs And How You Can Save Money

Do you buy many DVDs a year? You probably buy more than you think and could certainly save money buying them. This article tells you how.

My Dream Interviews

As a non-fiction television producer, I get to meet and interview people that I would not normally cross paths with. Sometime the are average people and sometimes they are famous. Here is a list of well-known people that I would absolutely love to interview.

The Art of Collecting Original Movie Prints of 27×40 Posters

Collecting original prints of 27×40 posters can be fun and rewarding. The very unique dimensions of this popular item signify that it was produced as a theatrical poster for promotional purposes only. Finding authentic first prints of 27×40 movie posters is not as difficult as one would think.

Hereafter (2010)

The film involves the audience with the characters curiosity of their involvement with the afterlife, but does a mediocre job at completely capturing the audience emotionally. The actors do a fine job, but we don’t really get into their shoes, unless of course you have had your own brush with death to relate to one of the characters.

Dark City (1998)

For a film from the late 90s, Dark City has pretty good effects, but there are some effects that seem a bit dated. For example, the “tuning” powers projecting from the minds of the Strangers and Murdock looks a bit humorous.

Why The Killing Is the Best Thing on Television – 10 Reasons

The Killing is tucked away on BBC4 (Saturdays 9pm), but don’t underestimate this Danish cult hit – it’s the best series currently on TV. US network AMC, makers of Mad Men, are producing a new version of this atmospheric thriller that will be shown in April 2011, but the original is destined to become a modern TV classic. The keys to its popularity are its beautifully realised characters and fine acting, combined with the intrigue of a terrific murder mystery.