What Does The Word Naruto From the Anime in Japanese Truly Mean?

As Naruto enthusiasts, we love Naruto. But do you know where it first got its concept as well as what it means in the Japanese culture? Through this article I will answer these questions and give you some of the explanations behind it.

Mel Gibson’s Movie Apocalypto – Ugly As Sin

First Gibson shocked audiences with the gruesome reality of Christ’s crucifixion in The Passion of Christ. Now, in Apocalypto, Gibson illustrates the ugliness of sin.

The Movie I Robot, Starring Will Smith – What Is Your Purpose?

The fact that human beings care about purpose proves that we were created for a purpose. If God did not create us for a purpose, then the concept of purpose would never cross our minds.

The Movie I Robot, Starring Will Smith – The Downfall of Postmodernism

During one of the discussions Will Smith (Detective Spooner) has with Dr. Landing’s posthumous recordings, the doctor explains that the end of these laws, even though they are perfect, is Revolution. Why? Why can’t we guarantee our safety? Will we ever phase out the risks of daily life?

The Matrix – Neo Represents An Average Christian

Many Christians jump at the chance to equate Neo (Keanu Reeves) with Christ because he died and rose again and then went on to spread the word about gaining freedom from the Matrix. This is appropriate because he is prophesied as “the One,” or as a messiah figure. However, the course of Neo’s life also resembles the life of an average Christian. It might be more useful to view his life in this way.

The Talent Given Us

Independent filmmaker and writer Andrew Wagner, with a film crew of two (including him), an old script and a cast of family members playing themselves, delivers a family road trip you will not soon forget. Inspired by the visit of her daughters Emily and Maggie from Los Angeles, New Yorker Judy decides to travel to LA to reconnect with her son Andrew, whom she and her husband have lost contact with. Husband Allen and daughters in tow, the family heads west by mini van.

Eight For 0’Eight

With over 500 plus films released so far this year, it would be a difficult task for even the most die hard of film buffs to catch even half of these. Other than perhaps esteemed Chicago Sun Times film critic Roger Ebert – who would want to?

Charlie Wilson’s War

This was a fascinating film to see over the holidays, in a town that’s filled with bible-thumping ultra-conservatives who didn’t realize that they had been had until the closing moments of the film – but wait – this is Newnan Georgia – 50% of them probably didn’t catch the twist. I did however hear some grumbling from a few who seemed to feel betrayed by what they expected, which was a movie about a good ‘ole boy who makes it to congress, and then really sticks it to those terrorists. Gotcha!

Ridley Scott’s “Kingdom of Heaven” – Religion vs True Spirituality

Kingdom of Heaven takes place in Jerusalem during the 12th century Crusades. Orlando Bloom leads as an honest blacksmith named Balian. His wife commits suicide because their child was lost during childbirth.

Creator Of Howdy Doody – Velma Wayne Dawson, In Memory

A true legend, and a memorable part of American history, puppeteer and puppet maker, Velma Wayne Dawson of Palm Desert, passed away on September 26, 2007. She was known for her love of puppets, that she was fascinated by at an early age after viewing the much praised team of Walton and O’Rourke. At this point, Velma was completely seduced by the magical quality of the puppets, and felt overwhelmed by a need to purchase some puppets, but found very few anywhere.

The Reaping Starring Hillary Swank – False Religion

The Reaping kept me guessing, “Who brought on these plagues? Is the little girl evil or good?” It all ends in an enlightening surprise ending in which everyone is exposed for who they really are.

Nudity And Sex In American Movies

Nudity ands sex in movies can be controversial because some people are uptight about seeing it shown. The United States has a different view on nudity compared to Europe.