Will Ferrell – My Favourite Comedy Movie Actor

This article is long overdue, the fact is since I first watched a movie in 2003 with my kids called ‘Elf’ I have been a huge fan of comedian and actor Will Ferrell. Since then I have made it my ambition to watch all of his films.

What My DVD Collection Includes and So Should Yours

While different people like different movies for different reasons, it never hurts to get some recommendations from time to time to add to your repertoire of films. Though you may always have certain films, actors, or directors which entertain you ever time, learning what’s in my DVD collection may help you to think outside of your box and to begin to have something for everyone in your home.

“Good Luck Charlie” – The Latest Disney Show

It has just been announced that Disney will be producing a new show called “Good Luck Charlie”. Following a girl who is forced to look after her younger brother, it is set to be a huge success on the Disney channel. In this article I find out about the show and some of the principal actors.

In Honor of Woodstock, the Best Rock Documentaries and Concert Films by Far

Watching “Woodstock” and other similar titles, I’ve found that if you’re equipped with a decent home theatre and quality speakers, it’s hard to go wrong with a rock concert film. On a fundamental level, if you like the music, chances are you’ll be entertained. And since great rock is also timeless, you’re also likely to draw in the younger generation, and thus end up with a real crowd-pleaser.

Jaws 5 – Is Jaws 5 Coming to a Theatre Near You?

Jaws 5 is the fifth instalment in the immensely popular JAWS franchise, but is it coming to a theatre near you? There have been rumours floating around for years about Jaws 5 and when and if it will be made. Would you go see a fifth instalment of Jaws? Is the audience there to make it worthwhile, and quite simply, will it be made? In this article will look at the reasons why it’s a safe bet Jaws 5 will be made, and probably pretty soon! Read on to find out more!

“Inglourious Basterds” – The Hidden Message – Interrogation Vs Torture

Inglourious Basterds is a remarkable movie well deserving of its critical acclaim (4 Stars) in spite of its conspicuous negatives (I will get into them at another time). Then again, Quentin Tarantino is Quentin Tarantino as he is defined by his other classics – Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction – two of his best works.

Jason Bateman – Career Development

Jason Bateman, born in 1969, is a native of New York. His father, Kent Bateman, a film and television writer, director and producer moved the family, which included mom Victoria and older sister Justine Bateman to California. Jason Bateman began acting in 1979 at age 10 and in 1981 landed the recurring role of James Cooper Ingalls in the popular drama series “Little House on the Prairie.”

Zooey Deschanel – Rising Star From Indie Fame to Magazine Covers

In summer 2009, it wasn’t hard to miss actress and singer-songwriter Zooey Deschanel. While starring in the indie-romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer, she has appeared on numerous magazine covers this year including Moving Pictures, Self, Domino and Complex magazine.

Magazines Promote Popular American TV Show Mad Men

“Mad Men,” a fictional television drama set in 1960’s New York recently set a viewing record for its season three premiere with 2.8 million viewers. The show airs on the broadcast cable network AMC. The American media, including many popular magazines are credited with generating ample buzz leading up to the highly-anticipated premiere.

TV Review – HBO’s “True Blood”

I finally watched the first season of HBO’s “True Blood.” I didn’t have HBO until just recently, so I had to catch the first season on DVD and then fill in the blanks with current episodes of Season Two. This is more difficult than it sounds. From the end of Season One to Season Two’s ‘Timebomb,’ it appears quite a bit has happened. Not the least of which is Eric’s haircut. He looks soooo much better with short hair.

How Sesame Street Became the Most Popular Children’s Show of All Time

The emergence of Sesame Street changed the landscape of children’s television program forever. It brilliantly brought forth education in a fun and entertaining way. It debuted in the 1960’s, during a time where quality children’s program was lacking.

Is Everyone “Glee” Crazy?

It sure feels like it! Fox is running incessant promos. The critics are falling all over themselves giving it stars, thumbs, feet, the kitchen sink and whatever else they can heap on the praise pile. The fans are writhing on the floor in agony from the “Glee” withdrawals.