Green Screen Video Production Techniques

Okay, so here’s quick and straight forward tips on lighting and shooting for a green-screen. First of all, I will assume you have some lights, a green-screen and a camera.

Digital Film Making Courses in India

82nd Oscar Awards is knocking on the doors and many popular and acclaimed movies are in the pipeline for the awards. Among the many categories ‘Best Visual Effects’ has been honoring some of the best visual effects in Hollywood for close to fifty years since it was constituted in 1963.

The Truth in Hollywood Gossip

If there is anything in Hollywood that never gets old it is gossip. People are after the celebrities and artists about anything and everything they do. It does not matter who you are, if you are in Hollywood and you have been on television or in theaters you are going to be one of those individuals who falls into the realm of gossip.

Why Movie Trailers Are Important

It’s not that they have importance as to the fact that they are beneficial for consumers who enjoy going to the movie theater. When they came out with the concept of movie trailers it caught on really fast. Movie coming soon trailers are set into place on various web sites to provide people with a few scenes of various films.

Documentary Review – Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed (2008)

The documentary with Ben Stein is a breath of fresh air for the ID/Creationist camp. This is a must watch no matter what you might believe about the origins of the earth.

Ten Chick Flicks You Can Survive

Though this might surprise most men who have always left their destiny to fate on a movie weekend, there are some films that they might actually enjoy. Here are ten movies for every guy out there who wants a life saver:

“Rann” – When Media Starts Playing Politics

Rann is a Hindi word which means “Battle”. A movie based on political drama and media coverage in the country. How dirty politics can get and how corrupt media can get! And who loses, the people of the country who get sandwiched between all this political drama and ultimately have to pay a heavy price for the greed of a few individuals.

How to Market Your Film Through Your Website

In the current times, filmmakers are increasingly realizing the vast and immense potential of the internet. It is perhaps due to this reason that a large number of filmmakers are using this wonderful medium for promoting their films.

The Shining Synopsis and Review

The Shining had the same fate that most horror movies had, it had lukewarm responses, until it finally become a movie that changed the way we looked at horror. We look at the movie with a new outlook today.

Reuniting With Classic Musicals in High Definition

Nothing lifts the spirits like a musical. Something about people bursting out into organized song and choreographed dances warms the soul.

Funniest Movies of the Noughties on Satellite TV

The “noughties” as many people are calling the decade from 2000 to 2009, were an exciting decade in our history. Think Internet, iPods, UGG boots, global warming, going green, natural disasters, unprecedented wars… the list could go on for days.

Host a Cowgirl Movie Marathon

If you are a Wild West cowgirl fan who can’t get enough of watching old westerns that feature your favorite heroines, then hosting a cowgirl movie marathon is a perfect party idea for you. Learn suggestions for serving the perfect themed snacks, selecting the best movies and even where to get some cowgirl costumes for an extra authentic party!