Scariest Horror Movies

Everyone loves a good horror movie. The best ones don’t often rely on great HD special effects, although a great many have excelled in that area. Here’s a list some of the most frightening, hair raising and just plain scary horror movies that have ever been made. Remember that you can catch many of these movies on your satellite TV movies channels.

Al Pacino Lights Up Satellite Television

Live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse. It’s the mantra of the image-obsessed, hothead rebels of American history. In the case of film history, it found a reality in stars like Jayne Mansfield and James Dean, both of whom met their demise well before their time. For Dean, his meteoric rise to stardom and sudden death meant the ultimate immortal status, as his films have remained a shining example of unfulfilled promise. However, when it comes to the enduring legends of the screen, it is not so easy to grow old.

The Story of Us – 5 Reasons to See This Movie Again

The movie “The Story of Us” is not a movie that has just been previously released. It actually was released back in 1999. This is a movie that can stand the test of time because of what the movie is about.

The Wrestler – Bloody Matchless

Randy “The Ram” Robinson is about as broken a man as you can find. 20 years past the heyday of his wrestling career, The Ram is bloated, scarred, and bankrupt. This could also describe the career of actor Mickey Rourke, who plays The Ram as close to the heart as any performer in any role in recent memory.

Knowing – I Know I’ve Seen This Before

I’m working on a theory that there’s a secret, magical, money-generating device in Hollywood called the Scriptblender. Whenever there’s a shortage of (good) ideas, or an A-list star is bored or needs some cash, a low-level assistant takes a handful of recent, moderately-successful scripts, throws them in the Scriptblender, and sets it on ‘puree.’ What comes out is usually a watered-down, semi-palatable substance that is then sent off to a lesser-known director with some time on his hands, an eye for deluxe special effects, and an ear for tone-deaf, insignificant dialogue.

I Love You, Man – A Bromance For the Ages

In 2005, Judd Apatow’s 40-Year-Old Virgin ushered in a new era of comedy that often fuses good old-fashioned crotch and fart humor with the subtleties of heart and loyalty that lie hidden behind what used to be archetypal of a ‘dude.’ Ergo, a recent viewing of 2000’s disappointing Dude, Where’s My Car reminded me that you can’t always expect this ‘best of both worlds’ in male-centric comedic film making.

Coraline 3D – A Nightmare After Christmas

Children have an odd knack for getting lost. Often times, it’s because they want to. This is the case for Coraline Jones (Dakota Fanning), the young heroine of Henry Selick’s Coraline. Adapted from the 2002 sensational fantasy/horror novella by Neil Gaiman, Coraline is a miracle in stop-motion animation.

Screenwriting – A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Marathon runners sometimes experience fatigue where they feel like they can’t go any further. It’s called “hitting the wall.” Sometimes screenwriters experience “hitting the wall” on a mental level.

Sicilian Actors in Hollywood – The Best of the Best

There are many actors in Hollywood who have there roots in Sicily. They have made a name for themselves and brought prestige and pride to their humble beginnings. I’m sure there are many that you know and love…

Review of the Oasis Documentary That Won Two AFI Awards, Best Editing and Best Direction

Over 20 years ago there was a poignant in your face, disturbing Documentary by Mike Willesee on the Street Kids that lived in Kings Cross, in Sydney. And last year Shark Island films released another Documentary that was gritty confronting, and disturbing. It was called the Oasis and the story of homeless children in Surry Hills Sydney and it’s a great…

Middle-Aged Motorcycle Mama – Comments on a News Story

I watched a television news story a day or so ago about a motorcycle accident in Chicago. The motorcycle driver (a woman) was killed when she was rear-ended by a car. The driver of the car was allegedly painting her nails and didn’t see the motorcycle stop in front of her.

Star Trek – This is What the Star Wars Prequels Should Have Been

The new Star Trek movie is here, and it is truly an amazing movie. It just goes to show what a reboot is capable of, which is something the Star Wars prequels didn’t quite manage.