What Will My Film Making Crew Expect From Me?

In this day and age, anybody can become a film maker with a bit of knowledge about the film making industry. Where the new film makers are concerned, the crew with the best equipment is the crew they want.

Edward Lifesize Standup – Reasons Why the Standup is the Best

One of the most incredible things that any Twilight fan would want would is to have their very own Edward Cullen. Edward is one of the coolest role models that could be dreamed of in any mind. But, of course, the actual Edward can’t be given to each and every person, but if you want him bad enough, a lifesize standup comes in very handy. Here are some reasons why a lifesize standup is better than the actual Edward:

What is the Best Way to Get Into Film Making?

To find a job in film making is rather a hard task, film making is not widely advertised. Film makers searching for a crew trust in networking and the gossip route to communicate. Positions are filled by the time production starts.

Why Should I Go Into Film Making?

When we’re viewing a good movie, we tend to leave our world of troubles and strain behind, and step into the plot on the screen. There have been times that I have been so concerned in a movie, I felt a bit disappoint when it ended.

What is the Scariest Movie You Have Ever Seen?

What is the scariest film you have ever seen? That is a question asked by many that have a passion for horror films. In this article we will discuss the beginnings of horror and what things have brought it to the genre we know it as today.

The Terminator Movies – The Future of the Sci-Fi Franchise

After Terminator Salvation, the rights to the Terminator franchise were sold. What lies ahead for the series?

Is 2012 the Best Disaster Movie Ever?

If you haven’t seen the disaster flick “2012,” and are wondering if it’s worth a rental, this article is for you. I’ll give you my opinion, and hopefully help you make the choice easier next time you’re at the video store.

Coming to a Theater Near You – Movies Made by Chimps

Could chimps be the next Tarantino or Spielberg? Well, maybe they won’t be able to compete with the greatest film directors, but we can soon be looking at movies made by chimps.

My Name is Khan – All Set to Woo the Audience

Recently, while hosting the screen awards function in Mumbai Shahid Kapur said to Shahrukh Khan that the title of his movie should have been ‘My surname is Khan’ and not ‘My Name Is Khan’ (pun intended). However, this just goes on to show the tremendous hype and expectations from the movie which is scheduled to hit the cinemas worldwide on 12th February 2010.

Fios Deals – Where to Find One

Anyone looking for innovative, interactive and high definition TV service cheaper than cable TV should certainly try out the Verizon Fios Deal which provides fiber optic digital TV services. The Verizon Fios boasts of spectacular picture clarity because of the fiber optics involved in it which enables data signals to take the form of pulses of light and be passed over extremely fine wisps of glass fiber. There is a wide range of programming choices available with superior picture quality.

Kiss and Tell Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity gossip columns thrive on kiss and tell stories. Celeb gossip portals pay handsome amounts for these stories. The entertainment news network goes abuzz when kiss and tell stories come to light. This article explores this further.

Enjoy Your Free Time by Watching Rocking Videos on Your Mobile Phone

The technological growth has been helping millions of people by providing them each comfort. The advancement of mobile phone has made entertainment and communication easier and cheap. This small gadget has made people dependent on it more than on the computer system. It is just about to replace PC as it offers same features that a PC offers. Moreover, a great variety of mobile features are continuously offering full fledged fun to the user.