Spielberg Top 5

Jaws Based on the bestselling novel by Peter Benchley, Jaws, with its two ton protagonist and perversely gory horror, ushered in the New Hollywood wave. Added to it was the Academy award winning haunting background music and some spectacular underwater photography and props. Close Encounters The film helped the science fiction genre to re-surge and had some trendsetting visual effects in it as well.

We Live for Paula Abdul’s “Live To Dance”

Just when you thought Paula Abdul couldn’t make it outside of a Simon Cowell/Randy Jackson sandwich, her new dance competition show “Live to Dance” debuted last night and it’s a winner. Paula is more at home judging dancing on this show than she was on “Idol” and even in her own home like in her short-lived Bravo show. (What was that called again?)

Zoolander – The Genius Behind Comedy

Any movie that stars Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell is funny. However, Zoolander ups the ante by taking these three funny guys and adding a plot about the “cutthroat world” of male modeling. The conclusion is a movie that will keep you laughing for a large percentage of its eighty-nine minute run time. In addition to directing the movie, Ben Stiller plays the lead. His character is Derek Zoolander. Derek was once the number one male fashion model in the world. However, he lost this title to Hansel, whose character is played by Owen Wilson. While Derek is dealing with his fall from the top, Jacobim Mugatu is busy hatching a plot to assassinate Malaysia’s Prime Minister.

4 Episodes to Enjoy From Hannah Montana Season 3

Hannah Montana season 3 was aired on Disney channel in the 2008-2009 season. Here are 4 episodes to enjoy from season 3 of the series.

10 Uses for Snooki’s New Book, “A Shore Thing”

Snooki’s first book, “A Shore Thing,” just hit bookstores everywhere, just in time to coincide with the season premiere of Season 3 of “Jersey Shore.” Joining other “Shore” stars like J-Woww and “The Situation” who have also joined the literary frontier, we’ve designed a few uses for the book if you receive it as a gift (the word “gift” being used loosely), come in contact with it as a retail sales clerk, or somehow decide to actually shell out the $24 bucks for it. For shame.

Legion Film Shows Different Side to Angels

The recent movie Legion raises many philosophical questions that will make good water cooler discussions. Well, that is, as long as the folks around the water cooler can discuss religion without being too judgmental about beliefs other than their own. In this article, I explain why Legion is worth seeing and how it presents a different view of Biblical angels.

Two Former Beauty Queens Compete on Survivor Redemption Island

CBS’s new season of Survivor has the theme of Redemption Island. Not only can competitors redeem themselves when they are voted off, but contestants can redeem themselves from potential shortcomings in the past. Two former beauty queens will seek redemption as they compete on different tribes during the upcoming season.

Popular Movie Theme Songs

Music has the ability to transport and transform. Here are some movie theme songs that have made their way into our lives forever.

The Rights To Control Your Kid In Watching Cartoon Shows

In order to make sure that your child is in good hands, parents must be more careful of them. It is more on fun, entertainment and laughter like no other, One thing that the kids like to have is to be happy with themselves, especially with their parents.

Glee Season 2

Glee is a famous American musical which has attracted millions of viewers to seasons one and two up to now. This article outlines the Glee TV show plus gives detail on the episode storylines in season two as well as the new characters who have been added to the show. There is also some information on season one which was responsible for starting the momentum which has led to the series becoming one of the most popular current programmes on American TV.

Buy TV Remote Control Holders And Save Money

Finding the best discount when looking to buy TV remote control holders can get overwhelming. Although it will simplify your life by getting more organized, finding a discount is like icing on the cake. So where is the best place to look for discounts on TV remote control holders?

Review of Samsung Plasma, LCD and LED Televisions

When it comes to choosing televisions nowadays, things are quite complicated. Plasma, LED and LCD televisions are technologies that are tied together in similar packages but all are HD TV. Plasma televisions use individual pixel cells that excite neon and xenon gases with the aid of electrical pulsations and maintain the accurate balance of green, blue or red phosphors held in every cell.