Quickflix Review

Quickflix, Australia’s leading online DVD rental company, was founded in 2004. Being established for this long has lead to over 65,000 households receiving over 5 million DVD’s this without a doubt makes Quickflix the market leader in Australia.

Film Review of Roadkill (2001)

“You know, with the exception of the seat spring piercing my ass, this ride’s excellent.” When wreckless slacker Fuller (Steve Zahn) convinces his up-tight younger brother Lewis (Paul Walker) to play a prank on a trucker using their newly aquired CB radio while on a road trip, they incur the wrath of a mysterious & unhinged trucker, ‘Rusty Nails’, who relentlessly stalks them and an innocent friend Venna (Leelee Sobeski) cross country.

Film Review of Hellboy 2

After a very brief history lesson, Hellboy 2 begins with a bespectacled John Hurt telling the young Hellboy a story. Many years ago, Elf Prince Nuada created an army of mechanical monsters to do his bidding. Long dormant, a crown split into three pieces stops them from being released, and you just know we’re about to see Red take them on as an older, wise-cracking, pistol wielding superhero dude.

Film Review of Brain Damage (1988)

When I was young, like most children, I would be dragged around the shops, bored to tears while my Mum grabbed the essentials. To alleviate the boredom, I would ask her to leave me in a video store where I could occupy myself until she came and got me. I always wondered what the owner thought of me as I wondered around his store, an 11 year old checking out movies that were clearly too old for me.

Film Review of Mutant Chronicles (2008)

Over 700 years into the future, corporations have taken over the world. The two largest fight it out, their warfare threatening humanity. The battle awakens a long dormant machine, and hundreds of bloodthirsty mutants with claws for hands are unleashed onto the battleground, carving up the soldiers like nobody’s business. This new threat quite clearly needs a different kind of response. It is left to a priest to assemble some kind of team to save what is left of the world from the mutants.

Film Review of Rogue (2008)

A genre-busting film, avoiding all possible clichés perfectly. Okay it’s a crocodile movie but who cares when it’s this much fun? The feeling of isolation, desperation, everything has gone wrong and you have to fend for yourself. It’s terrifying. In the first half hour every head shot is a close up with water in the background, the classic “something is about to leap out and eat me” pose. Australian director Greg Mclean has set out to do something different with the animal horror flick and has nailed it.

A Word About Video Production

Video production can be difficult to understand and coordinate sometimes. There are certain factors that you need to consider when outsourcing your production. Learning a little about each of these factors will better prepare you to communicate with video production companies as well as help you to manage your expectations of the production.

Film Review of Hellboy (2004)

“How big can it be? ” Some things are just waiting for. It was a long time coming, but for director Guillermo del Toro, Hellboy was certainly worth the wait. Nurturing his dream project for years before he was finally able to secure a modest budget, Del Toro got to make his adaptation of Mike Mignola’s distinctive comic character, ‘his way’. Spurning the offers of studio executives with their ridiculous suggestions (Hellboy as a normal man who turns red when he is angry!), Del Toro was uncompromising in his vision and held firm until he got the right offer.

Film Review of Hidalgo (2004)

Once upon a time there was a washed up soldier whose one great gift was an unusual affinity he had with his horse. The man and the horse entered race after race and won them.

Film Review of Harry Potter (2005)

Harry Potter fans are a unique breed. We don’t just appreciate the books; we live and breathe them.

Film Review of the Ruins (2008)

Carter Smith’s The Ruins opens innocently enough. Four American teenagers sun themselves in a resort in Cancun, Mexico. They meet a German guy looking for his brother, and they join him and his friend as they search for the ruins the brother was last seen in. As they come across the ruins, they appear to be covered in strange looking vines and plants. Someone touches the vines, and all hell breaks loose. Angry locals appear from the jungle, and in a tense scene kill one of the tourists. Everyone is scared, and the young group head up the ruins to what they think is safety…

Film Review of Sixteen Blocks (2006)

I picked up 16 Blocks for a couple of quid somewhere as I wanted a Hollywood movie I hadn’t seen before, something to keep me entertained with explosions and big names. I’d listened to a few friends who told me they didn’t like this movie, complaining about Mos Def ‘s unbearable performance, and decided to judge for myself. The thing is, I wanted a non-formulaic formulaic action flick. Was it possible to do this kind of movie and still surprise your audience, I wondered. I knew that the grizzled veteran cop bit had been done to death by Bruce Willis. I mean, he’s pretty much made that jacket his own with films like The Last Boy Scout, Sin City and the Die Hard franchise.