Hollywood’s Long-Running Love Affair With Paris – Part III: An American In Paris With Gene Kelly

The final example is from the movie “An American in Paris” that was made in 1951 – by which time something new had clearly been added. Almost the first thing we learn about Paris – which is introduced by a kaleidoscope of her main sights, accompanied by jaunty music and a Gene Kelly voice over – is that it is “a Mecca for the arts”.

The Easiest Way To Start A Conversation – Gossip About Celebrities

If you every get stuck in a tight corner at social function, and have no one to talk to, just approach any couple and ask them if they have heard anything about some Hollywood stars’ divorce or scandal. You will instantly initiate a conversation which will make you friends for the entire evening.

Hollywoods’s Long Standing Love Affair With Paris – Part II: Casablanca With Humphrey Bogart

Four years are not a long time in history but can be long enough to change the way people look at things. Let’s see how America viewed the world in 1943. “Casablanca” introduces Paris with an establishing shot of the Arc de Triomphe and follows this up with a back projection of Bogart and Bergman driving down the Champs Elysees, the Arc in the back.

Hollywoods’s Long Standing Love Affair With Paris – Part I: Ninotchka With Greta Garbo

At some point in time, Hollywood fell in love with Paris. “Why Paris?”, a bemused outsider might wonder. Why not Venice or Rome? Why not London? But love falls where it falls and Paris it was – and has been ever since.

Bunk Moreland – HBO’s The Wire

A bright detective who knows how the game works and understands the chain of command in the BPD. Bunk is Jimmy McNulty’s partner, but he doesn’t have McNulty’s same disdain for authority (or at least he does not act upon it). Over the course of the series Bunk manages to do some of the best police work of almost any homicide detective in Baltimore’s Police Department.

Classic TV Shows For Your Family

Television is not what is used to be. Good clean laughter and pure entertainment has been replaced with violence, graphic humor and intense sexual innuedo. It can be hard to find a nice show that a family can just sit down and enjoy together. Fortunately, there are classic family shows that deliver entertainment, that is appropriate for all ages.

Bodie – A True Soldier In The Wire

Bodie (legally Preston Broadus) is a drug dealer in The Wire who is initially in Avon Barksdale’s organization. Bodie is one of the true soldiers in The Wire – loyal to the game until the end.

Snoop – The Wire’s Coldest Killer

Snoop is a senior lieutenant in Marlo Stanfield’s drug syndicate in The Wire and it is her in conjunction with Chris Partlow who commit the vast majority of murders for Marlo. Snoop is a cold blooded killer carrying out dozens of murders together with Chris. She doesn’t think twice about killing anyone… even those in Marlo’s own organization.

The Importance of Cinema Movie Trailers

Cinema Movie Trailers is one of the most convincing ways to entice a moviegoer to watch a particular film. The movie trailer would present the film at its best at the same time allowing the watcher a sneak peak of what the film has to offer.

Relax During School Vacation Weeks With Satellite TV

There aren’t many times during the year that the kids, old and young alike, are home from school and the parents get a few days off as well. This only seems to happen a few times a year, during the winter school vacations and longer summer vacation. Some families are so fast paced all the time that trying to pack a whole lot of family activities into a weeklong break is unappealing. In reality many families like to use this time, especially the Christmas vacation week to stay at home with the kids and spend some quality time together. This usually means lots of family meals together, family game nights, and lots of time spent snuggled up in front of the television together as well. More and more parents are discovering that satellite TV is the way to go to meet everyone’s entertainment needs.

Midnight Movies: 5 Classics on Satellite TV

For a truly great film viewing experience, sometimes going away from the blockbusters and picking something a bit off the beaten path is best. And for those who ever attended a midnight screening of “Rocky Horror” in college and enjoyed the camaraderie of people screaming back at the screen, the chance to share that kind of joy and experience with family members, especially when children are old enough to appreciate the fun, is something not to be taken lightly. After all, the chance to bond with friends and family over a classic film is one of the reasons that people invest in satellite TV to begin with, as it is a whole lot less expensive then buying an array of class B DVDs and putting on a show for one’s self.

Satellite TV Helps Deal With Long Winters

After a few months of being locked up inside, most people start to get a bit of cabin fever. When it is really snowing hard outside it is hard to do all of the activities that you usually enjoy. Enjoying the outdoors is usually out, unless you want to drive all the way to the ski slope. This is also the time of year when everyone fights about who’s turn it is to have to walk the dog. While the winter weather is not always what you hope for, there are great ways to deal with it. One way that will bring everyone together is satellite TV.