Do You Need a Set Top Box? Australia is Getting More Free to Air Channels

Australia is getting more digital Free to air Television channels. Are you digital ready? Do you need a set top box to get these new channels?

Nights on the Sofa

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy 10th birthday Big Brother….well Big Brother is 10 years old and it is still a very popular television program. Big Brother has had its fair share of ups and downs over the last 10 years but it is a survivor. One of the most eagerly awaited elements each year when it is being unveiled is the actual house itself. The house is definitely a star and most viewers are keen to see how it will be dressed.

The Importance of a Film Director

We have many types of mentors in life. A film director acts as a mentor to the people involved in the making of a film and he guides the process to make sure it adheres to his creative vision.

Show Your Love For the Simpsons Family

The Simpsons has been running for approximately twenty years and admit it, you’ve seen almost every episode. With over 441 episodes and a feature length film the Simpsons portrays a satirical view of American culture and human nature that we have all grown to love.

Classic Horror Movies

What happened to all the classic horror movies that many generations of people knew and loved? Well they are still out there somewhere, hidden in old movie sections of video rental stores, waiting to scare the crap out of people once more. Many original black and white movies have bee restored and digitized to DVD format, some remain in their original black and white form, while others have been colorized.

Great Films Inspire Great Profits

How do you feel after investing your time and money to see a great film? Does it make you feel more confident about your next money decision? What about seeing a real rip-off flick that had all the good bits in the trailer? Would you be a bit more cynical about corporations and their messages? You know, movies are all about telling stories and stocks are the same, selling a story to inspire you to invest in their stock. We all love stories, be it the underdog beating the odds, the fish out of water, the couple who hate each other but are really in love, the ticking bomb under the table or the iceberg dead ahead in the darkness. In our subconscious mind, we link experiences together, share our emotions and learn from them.

Tom Baker – A Great Dr Who

Tom Baker was possibly the most popular Doctor Who of all time. He inherited the role of Dr. in late 1974 when I was just 10 years old. The former monk from Liverpool was a revelation to me, in his style of performance and dress.

Betty Boop the Legend – History and Facts

Betty Boop attracted and captured the hearts of many passionate fans worldwide with her independent attitude, female charm and charisma. To this very day this legendary glamorous icons’ popularity remains intact as she continues to gain new fans from generation to generation. Here’s a list of very interesting facts about the Glamorous Hollywood Legend that I’m sure all you BOOP-aholics will find interesting.

Hotels in Films

Hotels aren’t just establishments that cater to the lodging needs of all sorts of people from every background and every profession. They aren’t just buildings nestled in the heart of sprawling cities, inviting weary travelers to take a moment’s rest within its luxurious halls and rooms. Hotels, in some cases, are also stars-as they appear in many different movies, playing central or supporting roles that help unravel the film’s story. Ang Lee, the award-winning Taiwanese-American director known for such lauded films as Brokeback Mountain and Lust, Caution, directed his first Taiwan-made film with a hotel playing a prominent role in the background of the story. The Grand Hotel in Taipei acts as an important setting in Eat Drink Man Woman, which was released in 1994. The story revolves around a cook in the hotel, which interestingly actually has 6 restaurants. Aside from the relationships stemming from each of the cook’s 3 daughters, the story also showcases Chinese gourmet cuisine and the processes and artistry of making Chinese food within the hotel’s restaurants.

Love the Young Ones? Want to Be Reminded?

The Young Ones was a BBC2 show, the first series of which was shown on successive Tuesday evenings between 9 November and 14 December 1982. Oh my Lord, yes 1982! Written by Ben Elton, Lise Mayer and Rik Mayall the series was just the thing to be watching as a young lad – my brother and I made sure that mother was safely ensconced in the kitchen.

Purchasing Made For TV Movies

One of the best ways to enjoy movies is to watch ones that have been made especially for television. TV movies offer good entertainment, relaxation and they are fun to watch. You can see a whole range of such movies and have a great time on weekends or holidays with your friends and family.

Zoey Barkow in Nurse Jackie

Showtime’s newest program, Nurse Jackie, chronicles the day in, day out life of the heroine, Nurse Jackie. However, behind the spotlight sits Zoey Barkow, a first year nursing student and Nurse Jackie’s nurse assistant. Zoey is an uncommon example of the role of the nurse assistant in a modern hospital.