Entertainment – Movies

Critics say that movie attendance is down, that people aren’t going anymore. Well, that may or may not be true, but movies have given us some of the greatest moments of entertainment in our times. In this review we touch on just a few of those classic moments and movies.

Entertainment – Johnny Carson

In the world of entertainment, nobody did the job of it quite like Johnny Carson. We’re going to take just a brief look at him and the show that became an American Institution.

Entertainment – Television

Some would say that television is the greatest form of entertainment in the world today. If you have any doubts, just check out a few of the many great moments television has given us.

Celebrity Couples

Celebrity couples often face more hardships than married people who are not in the limelight. Paparazzi interference, the pressure of keeping up public appearances, and erratic work schedules are only some of the complications that are part and parcel of being a celebrity. Top this with everyday marital pressures such as parenting, sexual intimacy, or finances, and it is easy for a fragile relationship to collapse.

Should my Child Watch this Movie: Figuring out Movie Ratings

What exactly do movie ratings mean? Is a movie that’s rated PG suitable for your four-year-old? How about a PG-13 movie? Should a child really be 13 in order to see it?

Bang for Your Buck

In this week of Bafta success for the BBC and dismal failure for ITV consider this observation that occured to me last night whilst watching Doctor Who.

Rent Movie is the Best Way to Save your Time, Money and Energy

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Da Vinci Delusion: 13 Strong Reasons to Resist Such Heresy

A fictional novel made movie can deceive the simple minded. For people who rarely read and even moreso are less inclined to read the Bible, the Da Vinci movie can be misleading and deceptive.

Super Nanny is a Parent Hazard

What type of impact does TV’s Super Nanny have on parenting? Does it reduce to parenting to pest control and show children in a poor light?

House, MD. (Or, How I Choose To Live My Life Outside Of A House)

House, MD. It’s taking over Fox like it takes over our lifes.

The MPAA Allows Movie Downloads- Are They Worth Your Dime?

Have more than one dime handy, because Hollywood is desperately trying to catch up to the realities of the Internet. Recently, much has been made of a new set of legal movie download services operating with the blessing of the MPAA. They’re legal, but are they any good? Find out here.

Entertainment – The Greatest Shows On Earth

A brief intro to a series of articles that will focus on some of the great entertainers and entertainment events of all time from music to TV to movies.