Free Movie Report: The Dangers in Sharing Movie Files

Worse yet you could be actually downloading a virus meant to infect your computer once you open the file. Yes, there are evil internet hackers who can supplant this program in an otherwise harmless looking file.

FreeMovieReport: A Somewhat Fictional Account of an Academy Award Year for Britney Spears!

Wherever Britney Spears goes now, photographers like to follow her in anticipation of capturing the starlet in her proud glory years. Good luck at the 2007 Academy Awards Britney!

Is There A Future For Live Newscasters?

December 20, 2030 – The launch yesterday of the virtual realistic-looking human newscaster from Simple News gained rave reviews. Others have made several attempts earlier, but this sends the live newscasters in to a pretty shaky future.

NBC’s Deal or No Deal – Whatever the Answer, This Show Is Great Television

In an era of reality TV and crime show dramas, the TV game show genre is apparently still alive and kicking. Perhaps the best this segment of the television industry has to offer is the extremely popular hour long game show Deal or No Deal.

Disabled Actor Cast as Lead in New Movie “The Angel”

Disabled actor Eddie McGee stars in horror film THE ANGEL for Paul Hough Entertainment, Inc.

Ice Age 2- The Meltdown

Sequels made after the original are of two kinds, mostly. One that broadens the films’ horizon and the other that is just made blatantly to cash-in the previous films’ success. This one, thankfully falls in the former category.

Ice Age

If we are to believe the Ice Age, twenty thousand years ago, life on earth was not too good, my friend. We in the 21st century like to live dangerously as well, otherwise what’s with all the cigarettes, cholesterol and alcohol, huh? But whatever the case maybe, at least the temperature is not all that low and we don’t have to deal with sabre toothed tigers on the prowl.

Two Films With Tons of Recognition That Leave This Viewer Unfulfilled

A lot of moviegoers saw Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World as a great picture with great acting and pretty much a shoo-in for a handful of Oscars. I did not see it the same way, nor did the Academy. The Lion in Winter is a 2 Star movie with some 4 Star (Excellent) performances. I came away from both movies feeling that they are average films because they stir no emotion in me, foment ill will and breed confusion when clarity should rule the day and resolution should be the result.

Advice for Scoring Front Row Tickets

There is always a part of us that hopes that we can score front row tickets every time we plan to attend an event. Of course, not everyone wants to sit up front, but the most of us think it’s the best place to be. Although I do know people who like to sit back and be further from the action on stage, I have to agree that the front seats are best place to be during an event.

Free Movie & Music Downloads – How To Stay 100% Legal

Today there are over 220 million users trading MP3s and videos legal file-sharing network. File-sharing has enabled music fans from around the world to build the largest library of recorded music in history. There are a lot of companies of the internet that offer “unlimited movie” downloads, or “millions of songs for free”, through a system called file sharing (or P2P – peer to peer).

Satellite TV Programming

Satellite television programming has cornered the entertainment world. The once mighty cable TV cannot compete with the wide array of programming choices that is available through satellite television programming.

Hollywood’s Most Perfect Actress Had Beauty, Fashion, Grace and Humility

Was there ever an actress who combined these four timeless qualities-beauty, fashion, grace and humility-better than Audrey Hepburn? I think not, especially when I see her again in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We shall not see another like her in our lifetime and by then the film industry may be on the way out when some newer, better technology unknown to us today arrives. See Breakfast at Tiffany’s because Audrey Hepburn became an important contributor to our time and culture. She was a model of grace and humility in a world with little of either.