SyFy’s “Mega Python Vs. Gateroid” Shows Area Potential For Blockbuster Gold

Earlier this year, after watching New York-based Centropolis Entertainment’s horrible remake of “Godzilla,” on FX, I wondered, as I always do, why Hollywood filmmakers don’t make blockbuster monster movies that take place in the Miami area…

8 Great Documentary Films That You May Not Know

“Is Everybody Happy?” directed by Tim Marklevitz. “Is Everybody Happy?” The documentary is from first time director, Tim Marklevitz.

Learn the Features and Advantages of the Sony KDL-40EX401 1080P TV

An incredible screening experience is guaranteed to you by the Sony EX401 TV which is built with the newest technology and delivers pictures in full HD. It is the fundamental full High Definition TV. The EX401is a better model than earlier ones offered by Sony. It has none of the anomalies which made the previous versions fail the quality test by the consumers. No unwanted lights shine from the interior of the screen, and there are no snap or pop sounds when devices or inputs are being switched, it simply works and does so impeccably with outstanding image and great sound.

Learn the Benefits and Features of the Sony KDL55EX500 LCD TV

The Sony BRAVIA 55″ LCD High Definition TV has incredible features such as the BRAVIA Engine 2 digital processor and high resolution of 1080 p. LightSensor technology and Ambient Sensor gives a vivid and bright image, even in lighting conditions that are adverse. With 7 HD ports, it is very easy to connect your high quality devices such as Blu ray players. You should go ahead and upgrade the components that are important first and then get the BRAVIA 55″ LCD High Definition TV today!

Will Cable TV Prices Ever Drop on the Future?

As we all know, the World Wide Web has exploded in the past few decades. What not everybody might be aware of though, is how much faster it is getting each and every year. Because the internet is such a huge industry, there are a ton of companies trying to capitalize on it by creating new or improved hardware and software that runs it.

How Cable TV Forever Changed the Entertainment We Receive in Our Home

If you did not like soap operas that were shown in the afternoon, too bad, there was not anything else on. Maybe game shows are not your thing; well most of the stations back then all programmed the game shows at exactly the same time.

Top 5 Ways to Watch Movies From Home

When it comes to finding ways to spend time with the family, having family game nights and family movie nights are a great way to make time together. With all the great family games available, it’s simply a matter of sitting down and finding which one you want to play.

3 French Films To Watch That Will Definitely Entertain You

The French have been making really good movies for ages. Here are 3 French films you should watch if you are looking to be entertained.

How to Find International TV Channels Without Breaking the Law

There are many opportunities in the US for both immigrants and students. But though most people relocating from other countries experience a “better life” here in the US, there are still some difficult adjustments and transitions that they face.

Films To Make My Heart Skip A Beat

As a counterpoint to my previous article, the films that always leave me with a smile and that fuzzy feeling. And also proof that I DO have a heart and not just a swinging brick.

In the Name of Forty-Six: A Closed Letter to All Shahrukh Fans

Shahrukh! OMG! You can not contain him in words. Those eyes of love, solitude, longing, want, fear, hatred, and jealousy; that face of thousand honest expressions, as if possessed, conveys what exactly he wants to; that intensity of moves, which would make any tune sound good; that baritone of his voice, which would fumble, pause, and rise in exact sync with his majestic face; the fluffy mane of his past, which you would otherwise mock, but as noble, pure, and honest as his smile. You cannot describe the Colosseum to someone who is blind, you cannot describe an orgasm to someone who is a virgin, and you cannot describe Shahrukh to someone who does not belong to Shahrukhism.

Why Local VHS to DVD Service Is Hard to Find

Need to transfer your VHS to DVD? Where can you find a local on-site video transfer lab to do it? If everyone has video tapes, why are local VHS to DVD transfer services so hard to find?