Internet Movie Rentals – The Truth About Internet Movie Rentals is Finally Exposed

Everyone loves to watch movies, I am sure you do to. Whether it is a classic or a new popcorn flick, the choices are endless.

TV Programming – The Choices Are Endless

TV entertainment has come a long, long way in the sixty or so years of its existence. In its earliest days, dating way back to the late 1940s, home viewers had access to five, six, perhaps as many as seven channels – no more!

High Definition TV – The Future is Now

Americans have been sitting in their living rooms and enjoying TV entertainment for more than sixty years. But the television people watched in 1948 or 1958… 1968 or 1978… even as recently as ten years ago is far different from the TV folks watch today.

Do You Like Renting DVDs?

When Blockbuster determined to combat back, they went one higher than Netflix. They’d enable mailed DVD leases just the same, however they could then be taken and exchanged within the store as well. To battle back from that, Netflix has started offering DVD downloads proper to your personal PC for those who wish.

Internet is Streaming Ahead of All the Other Medias

With time we know that every thing progresses, we can relate the same to the internet medium. Earlier we knew the print was the only way news, entertainment was trekking from one person to another. But, after the evolvement of television, the motion picture really gained a hell lot of impetus and was all over the place.

“Ciske the Rat” Starring Danny De Munk

“Ciske the Rat” is a story of neglect, lost innocence, and hope. Young Ciske (played by the adorable Danny de Munk) is a boy who is starved for love and attention. His mother is an alcoholic who parades men through the house on a regular basis, his father is off to sea, apparently in an attempt to get away from his wife, and poor Ciske is left to fend for himself while working long hours at the pub with his mother after school.

5 Reasons People Love Vampire Stories

The Twilight Saga has attracted fans both young and old to follow the dramatic tale of a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. While Twilight fans rave about the fascinating stories that center on the idea of immortal beings that drink blood to survive, many others wonder what the hype is all about. Why are vampires so interesting? Read on to discover 5 reasons why, for centuries, people have been transfixed by stories of vampires!

How to Make an Indian Television Serial

The fundamental mantra for making an Indian television serial is that it must be never ending. It has to go on till scrapped by the channel producers.

How to Make an Indian Television Serial – Part 2

Welcome back to our television serial making guidelines. If you need a recap we had already seen the fixed kinds of necessities like storyline, characters or sets. Now let us move on to moving ones.

A First Look Into VH1’s New Reality Series ‘Basketball Wives’

Shaunie says that her goal with the series is to shed light onto the complex lives of the women who stand beside larger-than-life professional athletes and show the world that it’s not all glitz and glamour as it may seem. Let’s just be real here for a minute, I don’t know about you but the only people who seem to think that the relationships with these professional athletes is all glitz and glamour is the women who get into these relationships.

Clash of the Titans Gets a C+

I was under the impression that the only reason someone would re-make a movie or story line that had been made previously was because they felt as if they could improve upon what had been done before. So, when I heard about a re-telling of Clash of the Titans, I assumed that they were going to put a new spin on it and try to improve upon the thirty year old classic.

Review of Clash of the Titans

Last night, I went to watch “Avatar’s” Sam Worthington’s new movie “Clash of the Titans.” Overall the movie experience was out of this world!