Movie Review – Black Swan

Black Swan is a beautifully made film, shot artfully and creatively, but in the end leaves the viewer feeling sort of empty and wishing for just a little more. It’s big on looks and thrills, but in the end I wonder, where did we end up? Natalie Portman’s character, Nina Sayers, wins the lead role in the ballet Swan Lake at a major stage company in Manhattan. The role is a dual role, one part the delicate, innocent White Swan, and the other the darker, more seductive and intense Black Swan. Nina’s demanding director, played by Vincent Cassel, uses every manipulation mind game in his significant arsenal to coax the Black Swan out of her. As the pressure builds and opening day nears, Nina descends into delusion, paranoia, and madness, no longer sure what is real and what isn’t, who is out to get her and who is on her side.

The Most Popular Decepticons

One of the things that has ensured the Transformers’ popularity since they were first on television in the eighties is the characters. One of the other things is the fact that they transform from robots to vehicles but that’s another story. It is common for writers to focus on a great good guy character and ignore the bad guys. Look at Superman as an example. Just as much effort was put into the Decepticons as the Autobots and there are great characters on both sides.

Best Movie Theatres in Chennai

This article is about the best movie theatres in chennai and also showtimings of those theatres. Cinema is a culture that has established an inextricable grip over the Indian junta. And Chennai is a case in point. The skyline of the city is a billboard dedicated to the film industry. Advertisements of the latest celluloid fiction churned out by the numerous film studios in the city, and larger than life cut-outs of popular, thus bankable, matinee idols are what decorate the streets of Chennai. In fact, the size of the cut-outs is considered directly proportional to the popularity of the star.

Best Movie Theatres in Kolkata

This is article is about Movies, cinema halls and their timings in Kolkata. Indian metropolises always, as yet without exception, fall into the brackets of moderation. The cities strike an enviable balance between the past, present and the future, and have something for all, regardless of their social or economic background. And cinema halls, one of the few venues of entertainment that captures the interest of those who seek the comfort of a routine life, and cater to the insatiable demands of bouncing off the walls individuals, stand as the major attractions of any urban conglomerate. And Kolkata is no exception.

Buried Review

Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is a contractor for a company based out of the United States. While in Iraq attempting to deliver supplies, Paul’s truck and team are ambushed by a group of Iraqis. He is knocked out and when he wakes up he’s in a wooden box a few feet below the Iraqi desert. All he has to help him is a Zippo lighter, a small flask of booze, a small knife and, most importantly, a cell phone.

Nowhere Boy Movie Review

John Lennon’s adolescent years seemed like any other young man’s of the time. He was trying to figure out who he was, what he wanted to do with his life, and, probably most importantly to him at the time, how to land girls. He was insecure, like most people are at that stage in their lives. He was willing to cause trouble and often made fun of others to protect his fragile ego.

Die Hard

There are films that are watershed moments for their genres, that forever alter the expectations for their successors. Star Wars set the bar for space opera, for instance, and Stagecoach defined the language of westerns in a way that would not significantly change until the rise of the spaghetti western in the 1960s.

The Kids Are All Right

The Kids Are All Right takes a look at an unconventional family with universal problems. Nic (Annette Bening) and Jules (Julianne Moore) are a lesbian couple raising their two children whom they conceived through artificial insemination. Nic is a doctor who hits the bottle a little too often while Jules is indecisive in her career, despite being in her forties.

Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts, you look so adorable on the cover of your movie Eat Pray Love. You are savoring what I can only imagine is the most delicious vanilla ice cream with that little blue spoon. I would like to believe that you’re enjoying that last bite and contemplating wanting to go get more.

Despicable Me

What would one need in order to become the most famous criminal in the entire world? A team of henchmen? Yes. An evil plot? Yes. An evil scientist sidekick? Yeah, it probably couldn’t hurt. How about three adorable little orphan girls who practice ballet and love stories about kittens?

Devil Review

Devil is like an extra long episode of The Twilight Zone. Imagine, if you will, five strangers stuck inside of a broken-down elevator. Whenever the lights go out in the elevator, something sinister happens.

Micmacs Review

I had no clue what Micmacs was and hadn’t even heard anyone say anything about the film. When I looked up the title on the IMDB website, there on the cover was a middle-aged man looking a little dumbfounded, wearing pants with suspenders and a long-sleeved wool sweater.