Iron Man Armor Suits

Unlike the superpower heroes such as Superman, Spiderman or Wolverine, Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man doesn’t possess his own super human powers. He is in essence the Macguyver of the marvel world. For instances, Tony actually created his own superhero through his knowledge as an industrialist and military weapons inventor of a armor suit while being lock down in an terrorist prison cave.

3D TV Price

Undeniably 3D technology is the newest trend in the television industry. Various television manufacturers have successfully brought three dimensional viewing right in the comfort of our homes. Questions regarding the 3D TV price have continually surfaced.

Five Great Movie Sites That Run a Lot Better With Satellite Internet

If you’re living further away from town these days and still are as interested in ever in the latest films and blockbusters that are coming out across the country, then it can be disappointing to try and keep in touch with the news via dial-up. After all, streaming the latest high definition trailer is a whole lot more difficult if you try to do it through a phone line, and forget about loading image-heavy pages showing you the latest in film shoots from around the world.

Gossip Girl Episode 17 – Inglorious Bassterds

If you didn’t watch Gossip Girl last week, you missed when Blair verbally waged war against Chuck’s Uncle Jack. She obviously learned nothing from Elizabeth about loving Bass men. Blair finds herself caught between two. Jack admits he doesn’t want money, but there is something he has his eye on-better yet, someone.

Western Movies – Life in the Wild West

Western Movies have always capture the imagination of viewers. The wild, the wooly, the romantic all draw our attention. There were the good guys in the white hats and the outlaws in the black hats. Western Movies are part of the American culture and give us an entertaining and distorted view of the West.

The Advent of Panasonic 3D TVs

A leader in cutting edge technology and competitive standards, Panasonic has launched the 3D full plasma home theater system. It is a combination of 103-inch Plasma HDTV and a Blu-ray disc player.

Are You Really Ready to Buy a 3D TV?

The world of entertainment technology, specifically televisions, has been constantly evolving. Ever since the introduction of commercial television in the late 1930s, the development of TV technology has become more and more sophisticated. We were then introduced to high-definition flat screens, then to flat-panel TVs, and then to plasma and LED TVs – all of these projecting an almost real-life viewing experience.

An In Depth Probe on 3D TV Technology

3D has gained prominence with James Cameron’s top grossing movie, Avatar. Since then it has continually drawn moviegoers to come in droves for more three dimensional action. Simply this latest technology has offered seemingly real life experience and images that kept moviegoers on edge of their seat.

Gossip Girl, Episode 19 – Dr Estrangeloved

I could not wait to watch Gossip Girl this week and see how Lily explains away her lies. Lily, Serena, and William are back in town. If you’re not following, William is Serena’s dad! After all her globe trotting, he comes to New York. William has been and will continue treating Lily. Rufus is understandably jealous. William may not be as noble as he seems when we see him make a shady phone call to someone about Lily’s prescription.

The Best 3D TV Model

3D TV is fast news and a lot of people are buying it. At least, the excitement and fascination, are keeping 3D a buzz in every tech discussion. For some reason though, there are not yet that many models released by big time electronic giants.

How to Get on American Idol

So you want to be on American Idol? Dreaming about it won’t get you on the show, but taking these steps might.

Gossip Girl Episode 18 – The Unblairable Lightness of Being

If you didn’t watch Gossip Girl last week, you missed the source of the relationship drama in this episode. There is no balance of relationship bliss versus relationship horror.