George Lucas – Everything You Need To Know

George Lucas is one of America’s most successful producers and directors, with an estimated worth of $3.5 million. He is known as the creator of Star wars, the American epic space opera franchise, and also the famous character of Indiana Jones.

The Explorers (1985)

Welcome to one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies ever! From hit-and-miss director Joe Dante (who gave us the brilliant ‘Gremlins’ in 1984, as well as the woeful ‘Amazon Women on the Moon’ in 1987) came this masterpiece of children’s Science-Fiction fantasy, starring classic ’80s child stars Ethan Hawke, the late River Phoenix and Darren Woods. The storyline itself is a wish-fulfillment joy.

Inception Review

INCEPTION. Cast: Leonardo Dicaprio, Joseph Gordon-levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy,Ken Watanbe, Cillian Murphy Director: Christopher Nolan Visionary, Inventive, Creative, Farsighted, Imaginative. INCEPTION, Christopher Nolan’s latest film is all of the above and much much more. Reviewing a movie that is as unique as inception is hard because the reviewer has to ensure that just the right amount of information is provided,enough to convince the viewer to watch the movie without giving away too much of the plot.

Cowboy Movies

Whether you live in the country or the big city, this selection of cowboy movies will have you longing for the dusty trail and a hot cup of coffee around a campfire. From Steve McQueen as a real-life gunfighter to James Stewart battling outlaws in Alaska, these films should satisfy your need for western action.

Best Movies of 2006

V for Vendetta After being a big Matrix fan, I was excited to see what the Wachowski brothers would do next. Although not quite the same caliber, V for Vendetta is a great movie with a great message and story. Even though V has a mask on the entire movie, you never get tired of looking at him, good mask choice.

Best Movies of 2007

300 Although 300 was liked but not loved by the critics I think it is an amazing movie. The format of the movie was groundbreaking and something that has not been seen before. Although the story was a little hard to swallow, it wasn’t any less entertaining because of it.

Rankin/Bass Christmas Movies on Blu-Ray

The Rankin/Bass Christmas Specials, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman, are considered Christmas classics and they’ve aired on television for years. Now, you can finally buy them on Blu-Ray in the Original Christmas Classics boxed set.

The Top 5 Christmas DVDs

It’s that time of year again! The Christmas tree is decorated – there are shiny baubles reflecting flashes of colour across the room, the crackers wait at the table eagerly bursting at the seams, tinsel dresses the walls with a festive fashion, and the golden star sits brightly at the top of the tree anticipating the arrival of Santa. Outside, the snow is glistening and the kids play games in the cold, their pink cheeks thawing the ice.

Great Movies That Have Left Behind Unforgettable Memories

In my younger days I was a movie fanatic and there were practically no good movies that I did not get to see. I made it a point to see any good movie that was released. Of course those were things of the past and today I hardly go to the theater to see movies other than watch one once in a blue moon on television.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: A Revolution in Fantasy Movies

A bearded man named professor Dumbledore with his cat comes in the middle of the night. He turns all the street lams off. The cat then turns into Ms. McGonigle.

New Funny Movies

If you like to laugh, these new funny movies should be just the thing to lighten your mood. Each film was released in 2010, and they’re guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

New Teenage Movie Is A Must Watch

A recently released Australian action movie is doing well in its first few weeks of release. Fans of the book are now flocking to see the Tomorrow when The War Began movie.