Vida Guerra – Sexy Celebrity and Internet Superstar

Vida Guerra has become an internet sensation over the past several years. This article will give you a brief overview of Vida Guerra’s bio and success.

TV Show Review: Dexter Season 4

This season is absolutely amazing. It is by far my favorite. It guest star’s 3rd Rock From the Sun’s funny man John Lithgow and introduces a new character to the Miami Homicide team in Detective Joseph Quinn (Desmond Harrington).

TV Show Review: Dexter Season 3

This season guest stars Jimmy Smits as big-time DA, Miguel Prado and long-time friend of LT. Maria Laguerta. Another guest star includes actor David Ramsey as Anton Briggs.

TV Show Review: Dexter Season 2

This season just might be my favorite out of them all. If not, it is a VERY close race with some others. The entire concept of it is just great.

TV Show Review: Dexter Season 1

Dexter Season 1, how I remember thee. I’ve actually watched this season three times, along with seasons 2 and 3. I didn’t watch them all again out of “pure love” for the show.

Movie Review: Behind Enemy Lines (2001) Owen Wilson – Gene Hackman

Here is my take on the now old title Behind Enemy Lines starring Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman. Plot: The movie revolves around Wilson’s character being a Navy Fighter Pilot. On a normal recon mission, he and his co-pilot spot something on the radar and go to check it out.

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Walt Disney’s Tron: Legacy

The question on everybody’s mind is what’s taking so long for the release of the highly-anticipated sequel to 1982’s TRON – TRON: LEGACY. Digital Domain, the special effects house behind TRON: LEGACY, opened their doors for a behind the scenes look at the making of the high-tech adventure and previewed 23-minutes of the work-in-progress.

Laugh Away With “The Office”

Adapted from the British comic series of the same name, “The Office” is certainly a one of a kind of show. The BBC version of the show was penned down by Stephen Merchant and Ricky Garvais who also happen to be the producers. The former is also the writer of the “Pilot Episode”.

Dickie Roberts: The Childhood Actor Comedy

Peggy Roberts was an actress who accidentally got pregnant. She didn’t know who his father was and felt that her baby, Dickie slowed her career down. She decided to further Dickie’s acting career by having him tryout for child parts daily regardless if it was a part for a girl.

The Quality of 3D Movies

Whether you are with your friends or your girlfriend, watching a good movie is always a mode setter. With the advances in technology, you can now benefit from 3D movies, which will utterly blow your mind with the special effects they yield!

Mad Men Or the Denouement of the Ideology of the New America 1945-2008

Let’s face it. We all watch Mad Men because there’s something there that is no longer here. Of course, what “that” could be depends on who you are.

The Invincible Justice League

When it comes to superhero teams, none compare with the Justice League. This group of crime-fighting specialists is made up of the best of the best of DC Comics’ superheroes.