Dasvidaniya – Watch It For Vinay Pathak

Every decade or so comes a film that deals with a single person’s will to defy all odds. Every such film reeks of the same emotions but justly updated to suit the mood of times. Dasvidaniya is one such a film; it might remind you of Anand, Dard Ka Rishta, and Kal Ho Na Ho. Better still it resets the benchmark for this genre.

Getting Over the Fear and Finding Joy at the “America’s Got Talent” Auditions

Sharing my personal experiences of what it was like to audition for the reality TV show, “America’s Got Talent.” There were some incredible talent mixed in with some pretty funny, and at times, pretty scary people who try out for these shows!

Television, a Growing Problem

The negative effects of watching television can both directly and indirectly affect the development of children. It’s time to regulate the amount and content being watched.

The Figures of the Sitcom Friends

Monica Geller is the neurotic motherly persona in the crew of good friends that has a strong neurotic and competitive nature. Monica was very overweight growing up, which is often showcased within flashbacks, though now she’s slender. Her dad and mom feature heavily in the show and Ross is their favorite child, although her dad Jack compensates for this by giving her their Porsche! She’s a chef. Monica marries Chandler Bing in season seven, plus the final series they adopt baby twins and move to the suburbs leaving behind the flat which was the main set of the show.

The Corporation Uncovers Fiscal Woes of a Millennium Generation

The Corporation is a documentary which evaluates the history of “corporations”; how they came into existence, what legal realms they encompass, and how they have come to dominate world industry. This essay sums up the central themes of the film.

Varied Genres in Israeli Cinema

The interesting aspect of a discussion on genres in Israeli cinema is that one can immediately guess what they may be. Therefore, it is adequate to simply mention the heads and elaborate on the work pertaining to that particular genre to explain Israeli films and their content.

TV and Aerial Installation

Accurate positioning is vital in this area and in fact, you have to install the dish properly that even a few degrees in misalignment will matter much. Read more…

The Believer (2001)

As far as the direction goes, most of it is fine, but some editing choices are slightly messy, for example, the use of slow motion makes some scenes look awkward. In addition, the ending of the film may be too ambiguous, perhaps even offensive, for some viewers to digest.

Celebrity Diamond Jewelry: Where the Stars Find Their Red Carpet Gems

Have you ever wondered how the sparkling celebrity diamond jewelry makes it to the red carpet? Where do the stars find all these incredible gems? The truth is, that most of the designs you see are borrowed!

Movie Review: The Dilemma

The Dilemma grapples with that insider knowledge that leaves people in a state of flux. Seeing his best friend’s wife cheating, Ronny Valentine (Vaughn) decides to assume the role of mediator. Geneva (Ryder), has been seeing someone on the side and it’s eating Ronny up.

BET’s TV Show THE GAME Still Needs Viewer Support

The eighth week and ninth episode of THE GAME has come and gone. The viewership has gone from 7.7 million to 3.7 million. That’s an interesting change since there were many people who petitioned for this show’s return. There are discussions about how THE GAME has changed and how the characters don’t seem like the same people as two years ago.

Whoopi Goldberg – A One Of A Kind Entertainer

Whoopi Goldberg is an unforgettable name in its own, but the person behind the name has literally made a name for herself. Goldberg, born as Caryn Elaine Johnson, is an American comedian, actor, singer-songwriter, political activist, and now talk show host. And since coming into the spotlight some 25 years ago, she has never faded.