Ten Classic Movie Actresses to Know and Love

Learn about ten women who made history as some of classic cinema’s most famous leading ladies.

Another Conspiracy Theory – Moon Hoax and Alternative 3

On July 20, 1969, men from Earth landed on the moon and toured the alien landscape on international TV. Or was it a hoax? Conspiracy theories abound, but the best theories are not what you’d expect.

Satellite Versus Cable TV

Is it better to go with local cable TV or should I get a satellite dish? What can I expect on price and/or service? Satellite TV is gaining in popularity over cable access television for many reasons…

How The Iphone Will Change Movie And TV Viewing Forever

Apple’s new iPhone is poised to open new doors for media delivery and consumption. For the first time ever, cell phone users will have a high-end media player in their hands at all times.

Digital TV – TV the World Prefers

Televisions can be termed as the best form of entertainment in today’s world and as such is liked by people of all ages. It also is the companion of people with varied tastes. ether you are interested in daily soaps, or in talent hunts or in movies or even in news, television is just the right choice for you. Only thing that people want is that the picture and the sound quality should be top class. This perhaps the reason why different people go for the products of different companies.

Finding Tatu – A Film OF Coming of Age Problems and Solutions

The rights of coming-of-age were always well defined in most cultures and religions throughout the history of mankind. In today’s fast moving world, with mega-exposure to masses of people, people are left to find their own solutions. Nothing could graphically explain this phenomenon more than a new film being shot in Moscow, called Finding Tatu.

The Mesmerizing Transformers DVD Set

Your exciting after school childhood memorize are back.

The Special Collectors Edition Transformer DVD Box Set

There back, relive the greatest cartoon series of the 80s… The Transformers

Films Russia – Russian and American Joint Ventures Flourish

In these days of political and commercial competition for world dominance, a renewed struggle has emerged between Russia and the United States. However, whilst the two superpowers are busy grappling for position on matters of energy, national defense, sovereignty, and concepts of democracy, there are private initiatives underway to bring these two great nations together. This is through the medium of creativity and specifically, joint efforts in the creation of films about common issues to the people of both countries.

The Rare Electrifying Special Edition Transformer DVD Set

Transformer fans recall your childhood memories of the greatest cartoon series of the 80’s

Non-Verbal Films – Baraka, Samsara and Koyaanisqatsi

Baraka, Samsara and Koyaanisqatsi are the most well known films of a film genre generally described as non-verbal. None of the films contain any actors, have no plot or script. Instead the films contain moving images from the world designed to invoke thought within the viewer. Although they are not documentary films, they are often enjoyed by fans of documentaries.

The Rare, Hard To Find Transformers DVD Box Set

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