The Dark Knight Review

I was not expecting the film to be of such grandeur. I was truly astonished to find myself with a sequel that can contend with the likes of The Godfather Part II and The Empire Strikes back.

Vampire Love

Vampires haven’t been this sexy since Brad Pitt heated up the screen in Interview with the Vampire in the ’90s, and they’ve certainly never been this smitten. Vampire love is hot on both screen and shelf this year. If you have yet to hear about the Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight books, you have four months to catch up on the uber-popular young adult series about inter-species lovers Edward and Bella before the movie version of Twilight comes out in December.

A Satellite TV Installation Or Cable TV Installation?

Should you take the plunge and get a satellite TV installation? An article covering a few points worth considering.

I Really Wanted to Believe

It pains me to say this but I was waiting in anticipation for this movie ever since the series ended in 2002 and left the theater nothing short of disappointed. I wasn’t expecting the movie to be fantastic or a beautiful piece of cinematic art. But being that I consider myself and die hard fan and a “shipper” at that, I at least expected to enjoy it.

Formulaic Cinema

Basically you need a hero/heroine, some sort of plot, a climax and a moral. That’s the basis for most recipes as far as screenwriting goes. The problem is some do it better than others.

Fear and Frights in the Dark Knight

I have to declare The Dark Knight to be a glorious mess. The action scenes are spectacular and the villains are diabolical, but the message is ultimately muddled since the focus is on acts of terrorism rather than solutions.

The Movie Download Revolution

I first started watching movies at home in the 1980s. In those days there was a great big battle raging between three different systems: VHS, Sony Betamax, and Philips as to which one would finally corner the market in movie viewing at home. In the end as we all know, VHS won out, although many experts thought the Betamax was better.

Old Bollywood Movies

If retro styles are in, then it is certainly because we believe that, ‘Old is Gold.’ The sweet and simple melody of songs, meaningful interludes and the charisma of natural expressions in the olden times is a regaling experience. The look of sixties and seventies has a charm of its own. There were all kind of films then namely action, suspense thrillers or the Indian family drama. The essence of old Bollywood movies relates to a hero who is the super hero and essentially a Jack of all trades.

Changing Trends in Indian Cinema

Indian cinema is leveling up to the international level. The trends are modern yet depicting the Indian set up. There are skilled professionals who have taken cinematography to an elevated level. Film launches and promotions are eclectic happenings with careful research and marketing skills. The earlier trends in Indian cinema was more specifically related to the Indian audience but the recent incline is towards a global concept.

Film Review of Phone Booth (2002)

“You hear a phone ring and it could be anybody, but a ringing phone has to be answered…doesn’t it?” Set in New York the opening scene shows a small time film manager Stu Sheppard appears to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Stunt Driving Tips – A Professional Stunt Driver Shows You How to Find Your Absolute Extreme Limit

How does a stunt driver, or anyone, know when a car is at its ultimate limit? Use this time tested way of knowing for sure when you are “at the edge.”

Sora Aoi in Thai Movie Hormones

This article is about Sora Aoi involvement in a Thai movie, Hormones. Please refer to the article body for more details.