Film Review of Hancock (2008)

The jury is out on Peter Berg’s new superhero flick…It was billed to be one of the blockbusters of the summer but how does it live up to expectations? This is my review of Hancock.

Director Giuseppe Tornatore Wins Best Foreign Film Oscar For “Cinema Paradiso”

In my search for films that are not well known but tell a great story with an excellent presentation, I discovered “Cinema Paradiso” by Italian Director Giuseppe Tornatore. Many critics credit Cinema Paradiso with reviving Italy’s movie industry, which would later produce “Mediterraneo” and “Life is Beautiful”. Discover why this film is so special.

Film Review of Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Spinning panda bonzaa death kick coming your way…Yeah, this movie does sound ridiculous – imagine karate kid but with an endangered species as the protagonist, and you’re half-way there. But how good is the film “Kung-Fu Panda” and can it mix with the best of the animation films?

Why You Want the Actor’s Guild to Strike!

As you may know, the Actor’s Guild has been in negotiations with Movie Studios to prevent a walkout. Late last year the Writer’s Guild went on strike for four months causing networks like CBS to revamp their fall lineup, and many other networks to find alternatives for their shows. This inevitably cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars according to most analysts.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager!

The Secret Life of The American Teenager is a popular new television series from the creator of 7th Heaven, Kelly Lonergan. Ratings for the show are through the roof and have left fans begging for more! When its fifth episode aired it officially became more popular than Gossip Girl!

Collecting Classic Movie Posters

Collecting classic movie posters has now become both easier and more difficult. In former times, the ardent collector had to beg for posters from film distributors and cinema managers, who usually tossed him one or two items to get rid of him. These days, however, posters are big business. Auction houses like Heritage sell posters on a weekly basis, with prices often in excess of $10,000! The only access that most enthusiasts now have to the advertising products of Hollywood’s Golden Age is through books.

Russell Brand Ready to Take America by Storm

Russell Brand is a man of many talents. Though he enjoys massive popularity in the U.K., he’s relatively unknown in the USA. But the comedian and actor is now trying establish himself as a star in America. Brand’s filter-free personality ultimately inspired producer Judd Apatow and writer-headliner Jason Segel to rewrite the role of Aldous Snow, the rock star who steals Kristen Bell away in the recent Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Look for this role to be the start of something big for Russell in America.

Meet the Robinsons, Meet a Life Purpose

Meet the Robinsons is one of the best animated films made in the past decade. Yes, better than Ratatouille, Monsters Inc., Ice Age, etc. Why? This film contains such a strong meaning, and the producers did everything they could to get their message across. Some of the main themes of the movie are living a life with purpose, failure is more important than success, and moving forward. After watching, I couldn’t quite mask my appreciation for the film, so this article was written.

Everything I Ever Needed to Know, I Learned From the Movies

Well, I picked up a few bits from family and school, but the movies definitely filled in all the points that they missed. Movies can uplift, entertain, and above all, inspire. Here is a list of the movies that made me think (about things other than, “why did I pay $10.

The Spell of Bollywood Videos Lives On

Indians have always been ardent admirers of Bollywood and cricket. Where cricket has its own charisma pulling the masses towards it, Bollywood doesn’t stay behind as well. Every week the air gets thick with anticipation for the new releases.

Review of “Heat”

Heat is about cops and robbers, the age old story of good and bad. But in this movie, you start thinking that the robbers are only doing a job just like the rest of us. It make for good entertainment and good action, really a movie that is worth watching.

Hindi Cinema – Imagining the Nation – Bollywood and Hindi Films

At the site of the neighbourhood cinema hall, Hindi cinema served to suture highly fragmented local public spheres to create a public sphere at the national scale. The production of the ‘national’ draws on the feminine, sexed body to both explore and naturalise the aesthetic and moral markers of ‘Indian-ness’.