Movies – Watch What You Want, When You Want

Movies are a tremendous source of entertainment for most people. The reason? It’s probably because even people who have little in common can find a movie to enjoy together. Technology has played an important role in broadening the appeal of most movies to encompass a wider audience.

Is Sandra Bullock Promiscuous?

Each face reveals its own personality, character, and destiny. What does Sandra Bullock’s face reveal? Discover the real personality behind this famous face.

All About Hawaii Five-O

The series stars Jack Lord. He was offered the part of Captain Kirk in Star Trek but turned it down.

Watch and Record HDTV on the Mac

Elgato’s EyeTV 500 makes it possible to watch and record HDTV on your Mac. This article explains what it does and how to use it.

Las Vegas & The Movies

Sunny Las Vegas hosted hundreds of movies or movie-scenes. Some of them got the Oscar. Others got lost on the way. But Vegas surely remains a classic attraction for film-makers since the glory of the Rat Pack days.

Is Blade Runner a Masterpiece?

Is Blade Runner the masterpiece that so many claim it is? It wasn’t viewed that way when it was first debuted back in 1982 after it crashed at the box office, but time helped its standing in a way that allowed it to become one of the more prominent items in science fiction. Once that occurred, this Ridley Scott directed picture came to be seen as a classic in the eyes of critics and fans alike.