Palm Springs International Film Festival

Each January the stars come out to play in the desert as one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals makes its way in to Palm Springs. It is here at the annual Palm Springs International Film Festival that Hollywood royalty takes center stage.

Know More About New Movie Releases

If you are looking for a new entertainment option, look no further because all your entertainment needs will be solved by you watching a newly released movie. Nowadays film producers are very innovative. They have discovered that the best way to market a new film is to release a short preview of the movie containing the scenes that have most of the action while a narrator talks about the story line that the movie is based on.

One of the Most Intriguing Crime Dramas on Cable and Network TV Is Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds continues its long run as the king of serious crime drama. If you haven’t watched it yet, the many options available today to catch new episodes as well as re-runs on cable mean you can get up to speed very quickly with this outstanding program.

Like It Or Not Reality TV Has Taken Over Your Cable TV Lineup

Reality TV has changed the entertainment landscape forever. Each year more and more reality TV shows show up on both network and cable TV. This trend shows no signs of slowing down.

How Does Bollywood Impact Indian Lifestyle?

Cinema is said to be the mirror of society but it itself is quite influential and has deep impact on the minds of the viewers. We follow movies ardently and even carry them into our lives using services like Bollywood mobile sites and widgets on our cell phones. There are several things that we take from movies and make them a part of our lifestyles, knowingly or unknowingly.

Contribution of Last Few Decades to Modern Indian Cinema

The era commonly associated with modern Indian cinema is said to have begun in 1970’s when commercial cinema came forth as a means of entertainment for the masses and this continues with the new Indian movies today. Though directors like Shyam Benegal, Govind Nihilani and others kept the flame of art cinema alive, the commercial cinema surpassed the artistic cinema by leaps and bounds.

Latest Trends in Bollywood

In the past few years, Bollywood has made a paradigm shift from churning out commercial potboilers to making serious films that are characterized by bold experimentations in techniques, themes and subject matter. This trend is also evident from a number of latest and upcoming Bollywood movies.

Edith Head, Costume Designer History

Among the fashion world, and certainly with in the world of Hollywood, the name Edith Head is instantly recognizable. However, many others have never heard of her. I want to give you brief glimpse into the work of Edith Head, a woman who worked in the industry for over 50 years.

Five Reasons to Like Manhattan (1979)

1. The marvelous background score ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ by Gershwin. The music was an indispensable part of the whole movie and sort of structuralized the essence of the movie.

5 Reasons We Like Blade Runner

1. Ridley Scott’s amazing storytelling of a dystopian future. The dark ambiance throughout and people living in stark isolation with technology as his main company, was a more realistic depiction of the future than the main theme of clones (replicants) and advanced genetic science.

TRON: Legacy – My Interpretation Of The Metaphors

When I heard that the film was all about taking down the master control system I was instantly intrigued. Although I hadn’t seen the first film I went with friends to see what it was all about. And with it being in Disney Digital 3D, I had a feeling it was going to be good.

TV Series That Will Be Missed in 2011

Another year has passed in the world of television and we’d like to look back on the most notable TV moments of 2010. With Oprah Winfrey, Friday Night Lights and Lost leaving us, we need to find ourselves some good alternatives. We’ve also summed up all the TV shows that will be leaving us in 2011.