What is a Micro Pitch?

A micro pitch, also known as a logline, is a short summary of a script. It is a single sentence of ideally 25 words or less that sums up your entire picture. It should hook the reader in, entice them to read more, find out or maybe invest in your idea.

The Best Thriller Movies and Creative Vision

American cinema has truly changed within the last 10 years as more and more studios and directors use elaborate and stylized techniques in addition to digital effects within their films. The best thriller movies on the other hand even now need to have some old-fashioned elements so that you can be successful including excellent writing, acting, directing, and editing.

Lifesize Cardboard Standups – Spectacular Uses For Any Occasion

A lot of people have so many pictures that are hung around their room with people they love and absolutely adore such as family and friends, passed relatives or role models that have changed people’s lives such as celebrities. So, in some cases, because of the type of picture, or the reasons behind the picture, the owner of that photo wants those particular people to be living and present right there with them.

Avatar – The Last Airbender – Review – It’s Not Only Combat Between Good and Unhealthy Guys

The final story of Avatar is that the principle character Aang is the brand new Avatar sent to convey peace to a civilization ravaged by the warfare introduced forth by the Firelords. His destiny is to master all four elements: Earth, Hearth, Water, Wind and then take down the evil Firelord.

Avatar – The Last Airbender – It is Simple to See Why it is Enjoyed All Through the World

The main story revolves around Aang, a 12-year-old Airbender who’s torn between his duties because the Avatar and his need to stay life as a standard kid. Aang’s mission is to guide the fight against the Fireplace Nation to restore steadiness to the world.

Avatar the Last Airbender – Stunned Both the Creators and the Publishers

Avatar is arguably one of the best cartoons ever made, preferred by each youth, adults, male and female alike, which stunned both the creators and the publishers, Avatar The Last Airbender just has some lasting appeal, humor, nice Martial Arts, and an intriguing storyline which makes it so interesting, there’s a character in the show that everybody can relate too. And that’s why children and adults seeking Avatar the final Airbender toys on internet. Close to the start of the show you meet Zuko who is the Prince of the Fireplace Nation and banished dishonorably…

How an Online Voting System Could Improve American Idol

Watching American Idol this week, I noticed something I found strange. Once the show is over, American Idol has all of its viewers vote on their favorite candidates by calling or texting a given number.

Avatar – The Last Airbender – On the Ending of Every Episode Leaves You Desirous to See More

The Last Airbender has a beautiful steadiness of motion, humor, and character-driven stories. The show has very compelling characters, which you come to worry and root for as you watch each episode.

A Lesson in Satire – Borat the Movie and Its Ramifications

This article is a synopsis of the events of the movie Borat, which came out in 2006. It connects the movie to the keywords through a reference to travel and how Borat got around.

A Cursory Preview of the Movie Hot Tub Time Machine

Lots of people across the world love to take baths and find it to be a refreshing pastime that can settle nerves, soothe sore muscles and generally make a person feel better. Bathing is made much easier of course by a Cincinnati walk in bathtub or multiple Cincinnati walk in bath tubs.

Twilight Sparkles Like Diamonds in the Sun

Kristen Stewart, who was known mostly for her wonderful performance next to the incomparable Jodie Foster in 2002’s The Panic Room, has pulled another fantastic display of acting ability out of her hat with The Twilight Saga, New Moon. Not believing the sequel could possibly be as entertaining as the first in the series, Twilight, I came away completely satisfied and found myself looking forward to the next movie.

Time Wasters Anonymous – Celebrity News Makes Me Feel Dirty

I just got my fill of all the latest goings-on with the celebrity world. I went at it for almost 7 straight minutes, indulging my seedy side with all the news about anybody who is anyone famous.