Silver Screen Khichdi: The Movie Trailer

Following the lead of The Simpsons and Sex and the City, Khichdi is the Indian TV serial to be converted into a full fledge movie that will tickle your funny bone to the very core. The movie releases on 1st October with huge expectations on its back.

Epic Movies

One of the oldest genres of film, the epic is often set during times of strife and social upheaval. In this article, I’ve listed a few of my favorites, from war movies to tales of the American West.

Jerry Seinfeld – Everything You Need to Know

Jerome Allen Jerry Seinfeld the American stand up comedian, actor and writer was born on 29th April 1954 in Brooklyn, New York. His father Kalman Seinfeld was a sign maker and mother was Betty.

Simon Philip Cowel – Everything You Need to Know

Simon Philip Cowel, The British music Executive, Entrepreneur, Television producer was born on 7th October 1959 in Brighton, East Sussex, England. His father, Eric Philip Cowel was an estate agent developer and music industry executive and his mother Julie Brett is a former ballet dancer and socialite. He has one brother and two half brothers.

Bruce Willis – Everything You Need to Know

Bruce Willis, an American actor, Produce and Musician was born on 19th march, 1955 in West Germany. His actual name is Walter Bruce Willison. He is the eldest of the four Children of David Willis, an American Soldier and Marlene, a bank employee. His father was stationed in West Germany, after being discharged they returned to Carney’s point, New Jersey in 1957, where his father worked as a welder and a factory worker.

Alien Movies

This list is dedicated to movies featuring alien races and visitors from beyond the stars. Some are funny, and others are scary, but they’ll all leave you wanting more.

Dr Phil McGraw – Everything You Need to Know

Dr. Phil McGraw, an American television personality, author and Psychologist was born on 1st September 1950 in Vinita Oklahoma. He is better known as Dr. Phil. He is currently the host of his own show, Dr. Phil, Which debuted in 2002. His celebrity status started from appearing on “Oprah Winfrey shows” in 1990.

Banksy Gets Bankrolled by “The Simpsons”

Anonymous leftist hipster graffiti artist Banksy has made a name for himself painting agitprop scenes on walls and bridges throughout his native Bristol, London, and other international locations. Banksy is recognized for his mostly black-and-white, stenciling technique resembling that of fellow American artist Shepard Fairey and old Soviet propaganda posters. His painted scenes advocate the whole panoply of progressive causes, such as pushing for health care reform, climate change legislation, nature, and peace; bemoaning war, the police, corporate control, the commodification of art, poverty, the displacement of Native Americans, and Hurricane Katrina; and idolizing Charles Manson. A recent series of wall paintings on the Israeli-Palestinian border protested security measures Israel took to protect itself against suicide bombers.

Tron Legacy Finally Brings A Sequel To The 1982 Original

It has been almost 30 years since the original film Tron was released in 1982, but that has not stopped film makers from finally creating a sequel to the science fiction blockbuster: Tron Legacy. After nearly 30 years of patience, movie makers are finally about to release Tron Legacy, the long awaited sequel to the great 1982 film Tron.

Danny Boyle’s Greatest Films So Far

Danny Boyle has quickly become one of the premier directors in all of Hollywood. Most of his movies are quite simply, fantastic and all of them are worth seeing. A director like Boyle is one of the reasons that I look forward to the future of movies.

Get a Television Lift the Right Way

A television lift is a simple device which causes your TV to automatically appear out of a custom cabinet or other structure in a gentle motion until it is fully visible. It is operated by remote control and can even swivel to adjust to the position of the viewer.

Mohan Lal’s Best Movies Ever

Mohan Lal is a super star in Malayalam film industry that is based out of Kerala in South India. He’s well known throughout India and abroad as a talented and highly versatile actor. His fans in Kerala treats him as an elder brother and calls him ‘Lalettan’. This article showcases two of Mohan Lal’s best movies that have got rave reviews from critics and media alike: Shikkar – The Hunt and Casanova.