Dr Who – A British Television Institution

Dr Who, doctor who? You say. If you don’t know I can be pretty confident you are not reading this while sitting anywhere in the British Isles, where, Dr Who is a national television institution. Probably more than that it is, perhaps, a lot of Britons first taste of the combination of fear and fascination. Read on to further your sc-fi education.

How Assistant to the Executive Producer, Michele DeVito, Survived 7 Soap Opera Bosses

Michele DeVito loved the excitement of working in the world of soaps. However, the job of Assistant to the Executive Producer had been created at the request of Michele’s boss, John Whitesell. When Whitesell left the daytime drama, Another World, Michele worried justifiably that she’d be out of a job.

How to Start Your Acting Career – Essential First Steps

As soon as you have decided that acting is for you, you need to plan your future. Even if you are still in school, there are things you can do. You should join the school drama club and any local theaters that you can. Any experience is good for you even if you may not think so and even the smallest part is still a part. These smaller organizations can teach you the basics of the career and help you to progress. Once you have left school, you can decide which drama school to go to and which direction to head in.

Best Blu-ray Movie Releases of 2010

A list of the Best Blu-ray Movie releases for the year 2010. Great movies were releases in 2010 including Box Offices hits like “Avatar” and some of the best movies ever made like “Seven Samurai”. Find out which were the Top Ten Best Blu-ray Movies of 2010.

UHF Aerials and Other Antennas in New Zealand

The UHF antenna however is very different from all these antennas. It is also known as the Ultra High Frequency antenna. Read more…

Movie Review – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day with its sprawling cast and characters is a bit too much and too little at the same time. There are way too many characters which in turn means way too little screen time for some of the more interesting characters and storylines.

Getting the Best TV Aerial Installation Reception

You will have to inquire about this from your installation professionals, if they can survey and run tests in your area, you are likely to get a good signal and clearer pictures. Read more…

Movie Review – Date Night

I have to admit that the first time I saw the trailer for Steve Carell and Tina Fey’s romantic action comedy Date Night, I was quite skeptical. I thought that you get two huge comedy stars, Carell and Fey together in the same movie and this is what you give them to do… a ridiculous action movie!? Boy was I wrong. Date Night is one seriously funny movie that will leave you smiling long after you leave the theatre.

Visit The Coronation Street Set

Coronation Street is one of the UK’s biggest soaps. If you are a fan of the show, a trip around the set would be a dream come true. The fictional town of Weatherfield is where the show is based, and some fans of the show think that Weatherfield actually exists. Lets look at how you can visit the Coronation Street set.

Visit The Eastenders Set

The Eastenders set is based in Elstree studios in London, England. The fictional Albert Square is where all the outside action takes place. Over the years we have seen fires, fights and characters being killed off. Fans of the show would love to visit the Eastenders set, so lets see if its possible.

Movie Review – The Losers

Based on the comic book series from DC/Vertigo, The Losers is a mediocre entry in the cartoon violence action genre. There are some cool action sequences, a decent but familiar revenge themed plot and a couple of good laughs along the way but there are also some big plot holes, overly kinetic direction from Sylvian White and one terrible performance. The first twenty minutes are fairly painful but overall the film improves over its running time.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed Review

The Disappearance of Alice Creed is a solid debut from first-time director/writer J Blakeson. However, while starting off strong, the thriller does taper off at the end showing the filmmaker’s amateurism. You can tell how exclusively directing short films in the past causes Blakeson to stumble when trying to stretch this movie into a feature length film. All in all, though, The Disappearance of Alice Creed is a decent thriller and shows some promise for the debuting feature filmmaker.