Simpsons DVD

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggy’s crazy antics have won the hearts of millions and billions of television viewers because they reflect the true personality of every family and the daily encounters and struggles of life. The difference is, they still know how to have fun and make fun of themselves, their friends and families altogether!

Where to Buy DVDs

If you do not have the time to go to DVD stores and check the different DVDs that are for sale, the best thing that you can do is simply to go online and search among a wide range of DVD stores out there. You will find that DVDs are not very expensive most especially if you take into consideration the fact that ones you’ve already purchased a DVD, you can watch it no matter how many times you want to, wherever you are and all that.

Semi Shirtless Zac Efron Talks to Rolling Stone

Zack Efron, new Hollywood matinee idol (or whatever it’s called nowadays.) is interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine, completely Shirtless. Or OK, maybe not that shirtless. But anyway, here are a few of the highlights of the said interview with rising hot stud of the Disney variety.

Hollywood Gossips

Have you ever been approached by the paparazzi? Cameras flashing at you until you are blind? This article shares the insight into celebrity life and the flip side to show time. You will find out more about the gossip tree. Take a look!

Books Vs Movies! When the Movie is Better

We all know that the book is always better than the movie. At least that’s conventional wisdom. But as useful as conventional wisdom usually is, sometimes we do well to push it aside and do the exact opposite. This is painful for me to say; after all I’m all about books. Here is a list of some of my favorite movies that were way better than the book:

Galactica – A Disquiet Follows My Soul – Things Continue to Get Ugly

I suppose we all knew that things were going to go completely to hell in the last handful of episodes of Galactica. At this point, things are turning so ugly so fast that it makes you almost not even want to turn it on next week, not because the show isn’t still maintaining a high level of quality, but because you just know how painful it’s going to be watching the pathetic remains of the human race pretty much destroy itself over the next 8 or 9 episodes. And is anyone having starting to wish that they had gone ahead …

Cinema’s Classic Car Chases

There’s nothing quite like a car chase is there? Some of film’s most memorable scenes have been car chases: the exhilaration, excitement and smell of gasoline! If only there were scratch ‘n’ sniff cinemas.

Beyonce – Au Natural Or Made Up?

Beyonce Knowles arrived at Jakarta airport without make up on. Today the net is a hive of criticism and praise for this superstar with the flawless skin – which opinion is right? Is Beyonce a natural beauty or not? How can you get Beyonce’s natural look? Are you prepared to consider plastic surgery to achieve it?

Why Would a Black Actor Want to Play in a Priestley Play, Anyway?

As I noted in an earlier article, certain factions have been lobbying the Shaw Festival (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario) to hire more actors of color and to cast them in lead roles. Why wasn’t a black actor considered for the lead in An Inspector Calls, they ask, referring to the J. B. Priestley play that was at the Shaw in 2008?

Sexy Nurses? Ooh Matron, What a Carry On!

In 1958 ‘Carry On Sergeant’ introduced us to a new genre of comedy. In itself this was a gentle film and has more in common with the hit TV comedy series of time ‘The Army Game’ than the bawdy and suggestive Carry On films that were to follow and that were destined to become the nations favourite and most eagerly awaited film releases of the Sixties. That said, this entertaining film was about a group of misfits who ultimately turn themselves into star cadets and in so doing win their retiring sergeant a bet he’s taken with his fellow NCOs. And in that it delivered a funny film and a box office success.

Hollywood Butchers “The Women”

We should have known better, but when we saw that last year’s Hollywood remake of Clare Boothe’s classic 1936 play The Women was available on video, we couldn’t resist. We bit on this turkey because we are great fans of the late playwright, socialite, politician, and diplomat, and because, for our money, The Women is one of the great American plays. Boothe’s satire is dead on, and every line tells.

Interesting Facts About Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, also known as J.Lo, is an American actress, singer, record producer, dancer, fashion designer and television producer. She had been nominated for Golden Globe and Grammy Award.