The Crave Of Nigerian Film Practitioners & Potential Members To Attend The New York Film Institute

It’s no longer a secret that Nigerians place a high premium on quality, and are willing to part with cash just to obtain same. This growing trend has also found its way into Nollywood, where filmmakers who have made films boasting of such qualitative content boarded the National flight to fame and fortune.

Friends Forever – Seven Great Buddy Films on Satellite TV

There’s been enough hoopla over the romance movie lately. Whether it’s on a date or at home, you definitely don’t need to be reminded of your bond with your significant other every single time you decide to head to the movies. After all, while it can definitely be nice to be in a relationship, there’s more to life on this planet. and what about all of the single or divorced people out there? Chances are, they don’t exactly feel like turning on their HDTV and seeing yet another happy ending, especially with the usual suspects.

Is Cinema’s New Avatar Capable of Portraying Titanic Human Emotions

The latest and most-talked-about movie of the world, Avatar, received several nominations to the Oscars. Another of James Cameron’s blockbusters, Avatar created waves all across the globe with its generous use of 3-D technology. The movie received rave reviews from critics in almost all the newspapers of the world.

“Rue Cases Negres” (Sugar Cane Alley) Starring Garry Cadenat

“Rue Cases Negres” (Sugar Cane Alley) is a film about hope in the midst of a field of hopelessness. Garry Cadenat stars as Jose, a poor but gifted black boy growing up in the 1930s in the French town of Riviere Salee in Martinique. His mother has died, so he lives with his grandmother, an elderly woman who spends all day working in the sugarcane fields of a rich plantation owner.

Catching All of Your Favorite Jude Law Films on Satellite TV

If there’s an actor of the past 20 years who has managed to do a respectable job onscreen at both delivering gripping performances and managing to have the ladies hanging at his every word, that man has to be Jude Law. British and classically-trained, he is far better known for his roles in films where he is a bit more fun-loving, and sometimes even slightly ominous.

Making the Most of on Demand Viewing and Satellite Television

The word is getting out about satellite TV and it’s superiority over cable television. Satellite TV fans know that they can enjoy more standard and high definition channels than they have available through a cable provider. They also enjoy the benefit of having access to new movies and shows long before cable subscribers have access to them. But all of these things aside, the On Demand channel has to be one of the best things that satellite TV has to offer.

Connecting Your Camera to Your TV

Photos are great to share with friends and family, but you don’t always have to print them out or put them on the internet to share them. Most modern cameras can connect to a TV and this simple guide will tell you how.

The Use Of Indigenous Language Vs English In Nollywood Movies

The English language no doubt is our lingua franca in Nigeria, amidst a backdrop of about 250 diverse ethnic groups opting to communicate in their mother tongue. Movies have been part of our lives since its inception in August 1903 at the Glover memorial hall. Over the years, foreign flicks have dominated the Nigerian movie market and flooded our TV screens.

The Top 5 “Viral Video Film School” Lessons on Satellite TV

Fresh off the success of its latest Webby Win, there’s definitely one segment of one show that keeps people tuning into Current on Thursday nights instead of just waiting for the content to pop up online. Hosted by the surprisingly adorable (and unfortunately taken) Brett Elrich, who was trained in the arts of Shakespearean acting while attending Stanford, “Viral Video Film School” is a hilarious and sometimes adorable look at all of the different ways people seek fame and fortune on YouTube.

Why the Horror Genre Needs to Be Re Written

Nightmare on Elm Street, one of many classic horror films I watched when I was young enough to get on the kiddies rides at Chessington. Although horrors were never one of my favourite genres of film, I could understand why people liked them. The fear, the tension, and the unpredictability, something that’s lost on modern day horrors.

Laughing Along With Comedy Classics on Satellite TV

While for certain viewers, the appeal of hundreds of channels might be the opportunity to get sucked into the latest sitcoms or even a drama or two, a lot of other people want to laugh a lot. And laughing a lot, though there are a fair number of great comedies out there, is often far easier if you take a step away from sitcoms and head more towards the classic comedy offerings out there.

From Satellite TV to the Silver Screen – The Comedy of Tina Fey

When it comes to the leading ladies of comedy, no one quite has Tina Fey beat. She started out writing for “Saturday Night Live” at one of its only consistently funny stretches in the past decade, managing to head up a team of all-male writers who apparently were more interested in your typical boy humor than what might actually bring viewers back to the floundering show.