Making Accurate Future Predictions

Learn how to make future predictions for celebrities and others. It’s fun and very educational to make predictions for celebrities because their lives are so public that you can follow along and get instant feedback on your skills. We can learn a lot because we have the facts about what happens in their lives as things progress.

Band of Brothers – Starring Damien Lewis & Ron Livingston

There is nothing I love more than a good war move so if you are like me you will really enjoy this review of the hit series simply called Band of Brothers.

Batman Figures

When did the first Batman toy emerge? We look at the different Batman figures and toys that we have seen through out the years and the future of what we could see with the mega popularity of the Dark Knight.

The Dimming of Star Power in Hollywood

Lo and behold, industry insiders are shocked (shocked!) and mightily troubled by the revelation that Hollywood’s top stars are not opening films the way they used to. Here’s my own theory: the buying public is not as stupid as Hollywood executives seem to believe. You can get away with feeding audiences substandard product propped up by big names for a while, but in the absence of quality and perceived value, the inevitable happens: you start gradually but inexorably to lose your audience.

The Most Evil Corporations in Science Fiction

Wreckless endangering of employees, torturing prisoners, killing off employees that speak ill of the company, you name it, these corporations have done it. Just be glad you never worked for them!

Real TV – A Background Check on the Boom of Reality Shows

At present there are only two television channels that focus only on reality shows. For the United States, Fox Reality was launched in 2005 while UK launched earlier with Zone Reality during 2002.

“Chocolat” is Moviemaking at Its Best – A Sweet Story With an Important Message

It is rare when you can say that a movie is so warm and wonderful that it can even overcome a manipulative, vindictive authority figure and a husband guilty of spousal abuse, but “Chocolat” manages to do so with some great acting, writing and directing. Chocolat is everything that is right about moviemaking-don’t walk, run to this film and warm your heart with a wonderful viewing experience you will remember.

“Serendipity” Poses an Important Question – Can We Trust Fate to Bring Us Together?

“Serendipity” begs the question, “Can you trust pure fate or destiny to bring two people together when the odds of doing so are impossible?” It is the idea of the movie-that we want to believe in the magic of two souls finding each other in the end-that draws us in and makes it work. On this score, I am just as big a sucker as the next guy. Find out why.

Why “27 Dresses” by Aline Brosh McKenna is Better Than the Average Romantic Comedy

Make no mistake, “27 Dresses” is better than average for a romantic comedy with pure entertainment, but not quite able to garner a 3-star (good) rating. What separates out 27 Dresses from other romantic comedies is that the central character Jane (Katherine Heigl) does experience some personal growth in finding that special someone. Find out what it is, and why it matters.

Closeout and Wrongful Death – And 3 Reasons Why Subtitled Movies Are Tenfold Preferable Over Dubbed

Some people might think that it is so much better not to have to read subtitles of foreign films, when dubbed versions are readily available, but I definitely am not in their number. If a movie is announced as dubbed, I start running the other way; to me, a subtitled product is preferable to a dubbed one, ten times over. Let me take you through my reasoning and then you may tell me if I am too off the mark on this.

Martial Arts in GI Joe

On August 7, 2009, the eagerly-awaited film G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra was presented in cinemas. The roles in this film are martial arts masters. In this article, I will introduce those martial arts used in G.I.JOE.

The Literal Steps to Film Making Symbolism

Stair cases offer great symbolic opportunities in films. They are some classic movies that have turned stair cases and steps into iconic images.