Fireproof – An Action Packed Movie That Inspires As Well As Entertain

Fireproof is the story of a firefighter, Captain Caleb Holt, who lives by the old firefighter’s adage: Never leave your partner behind. But, after seven years of marriage to his wife Catherine, their own relationship is failing. Neither one understands the pressures the other faces. The film provides opportunities to open dialogue around issues of conflict resolution, differences between men and women, pornography, forgiveness and need for God’s love.

The Best in British Entertainment For Canada and America

We have a fascination for British entertainment, comedy, drama and science fiction. The dramatic series are acclaimed world wide. We can all appreciate the Brits’ sense of humor.

Fame Gathers Talent – And Frasier

The remake of ‘Fame’ I mentioned a while ago is still in development, and things seem to be going quite well. Despite a remarkably modest budget of just $25m, the cast list is almost impressive: Megan Mullally, Kelsey Grammer and Bebe Neuwirth will all appear, and Debbie Allen is [so far] due to be the sole participant from the 1980 original, playing the Principal of the School where the movie takes place. Shooting starts on Wednesday, with a scheduled release date of September 25th.

NBC Fails – Again

In welcome [and long overdue!] news from the, ‘Yes, Scarlett, there is a God!’ department, we read that one of the most shameful insults ever visited upon the collected intellect of an innocent and unmedicated audience, has ended…

One of the Most Popular Weather Girls

The word weather girls reminds us of so much. We mainly have the singing sensation in mind. They were the all American girl group which was formed in 1982. The original members of the weather girls were Martha Wash and Izora Armstead. They are known for many hits but one record that was a hit wonder was called ‘It is raining men’.

Famous Pinay Celebrities

There are so many talented and beautiful Pinay celebrities in the Philippines. Who among them are the most famous today?

Donnie Darko – The Scale of Fear and Love

Donnie Darko. An extremely unique movie character. Plagued by emotional problems, he is labeled as a schizophrenic. However, in reality, he is suffering from a severe case of fear. The fear to die alone. He believes that crime and disorder will solve his fear, but the only true way to solve fears is to confront them. In Donnie’s case, it was a true act of love that freed him of his greatest fear.

Neverwas – A Story Finds Its Storyteller

The movie Neverwas is based on the concept of a king protecting his kingdom. A children’s author writes a novel about a delusional man, out of love for his son. His entire story was based on what this delusional ‘king’ told him, and that made it a truly special novel. Some themes presented in the movie are making others feel special, no matter how strange they may seem; and doing things out of love. Neverwas demonstrates many good qualities that we should possess.

The Last Samurai – Elements of Character

The Samurai. A group of powerful warriors that existed in Japan until the late 1800’s. In The Last Samurai, we learn about the positive characteristics of a Samurai. Respect for all of those you meet, even those who have wronged you.

The Rise of Art Films

It used to be that art film was synonymous with limited appeal (and limited release). Today some art films are making the jump to blockbuster status, this article talks about the history and future of the art film genre.

Gossip Boy Chace Crawford Goes Shirtless

As one of the leading male stars on the set of Gossip Girl, Chace takes on the part of Nate Archibald and as expected, perfectly portrays the character’s complex role in the elite Manhattan Upper East Side. His charisma and strong presence on screen is irrefutable and fans all over the globe are raving about his every appearance in each episode. Shirtless of fully clothed, for fans, Chace Crawford is still worth the chase.

The 5 Best Mobile Adverts of 2008

2008 was a busy year for mobile advertisements. With O2, Orange and Virgin Media promoting their latest broadband and mobile services, a host of adverts hit British television during the year. Here at the top 5.