The 10 Most Popular Movies Of All Time – A Cheat Sheet (Part 1)

Are you a movie dunce? Do you not know your Corleone from your Kurosawa? Would you recognise a lightsaber if it hit you in the face? Well, don’t panic. To help you catch up on your movie knowledge here’s the first instalment in your 2-part crash course in the top 10 movies of all time, as voted by the readers of the Internet Movie Database. Careful, though… here be spoilers.

Adrien Brody – Zero to Hero

One of the least typecast actors in Hollywood, Adrien Brody — star of the new period biopic Hollywoodland — has defied critics by choosing a wide range of roles on the basis that they “look like fun”. This approach has taken him from the most serious role imaginable, as a Polish Jew in Roman Polanski’s The Pianist, to portraying Jack Driscoll in Peter Jackson’s big budget adventure King Kong.

Steve Irwin: Crocodile Hunter – An Australian Icon

Occasionally – just occasionally – there comes along a TV personality whose enthusiasm and charisma engenders almost universal affection with audiences. Environmentalist, naturalist and documentarist Steve Irwin – known the world over as the Crocodile Hunter – was one of those rare personalities.

“Survivor: Cook Islands” Will Feature Controversial Start

CBS’s decision to separate “Survivor: Cook Islands” tribes based on race is a hot topic among reality TV buffs. But, it seems that this issue isn’t simply black and white.

Travel the World from your Home

As an American, I am amazed at how prudish we are when it comes to sex and nudity! Censorship has become a huge problem since 2001, when the neocons took office. The standards are getting more and more restrictive, and the penalties more and more ridiculous.

Survivor and Reality TV Can Provide Inspiration

For most people TV is used for entertainment, however in the most recent season of Survivor viewers got a chance to witness a true metamorphosis that can be an inspiration for everyone sitting on the couch watching TV.