2010 Marks the End of 2D Movies For Kids As Hollywood Goes Spinal Tap

Mark my words, coin the phrase and give me credit years from now when pundits look back and lament how 2010 marked the end of 2D movies for kids. After sitting through Despicable Me with Steve Carrel, I’m convinced that 2D movies are going the way of the dinosaur and Hollywood is going to give us lots more 3D movies just because they can.

VHS Boxes – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

As you would know VHS boxes are specially made boxes for the protection of VHS cassettes. Although the format has been replaced by DVD, they still remain in many vintage collectors hearts. Modern VHS boxes have been inspired by…

DVD Boxes – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

These days there is an extremely large choice when it comes to storing DVDs. A decade ago the world was still in VHS mode which were much more durable then disks, however these days storage units need to be stronger to protect the often fragile disks most movies are recorded on.

The Greatest Football Films of All Time

There have been some amazing football films over the years. The following are the best of the best.

Mickey Rourke to Play Gay Rugby Star in New Movie

After a rollercoaster career and over a decade out of the limelight, Mickey Rourke has in recent years made an unprecedented comeback landing award winning roles in action packed blockbusters. However his next ambition is far departed from his usual characters as he aims to play Gareth Thomas, the world’s only openly gay rugby star and male athlete, in a film about his life.

Irene Adler – Of Dubious and Questionable Nature

I have developed such a fascination with the Sherlock Holmes character, Irene Adler. I greatly admired Rachel McAdams’ portrayal of Irene in the 2009 Guy Ritchie movie, Sherlock Holmes in which Irene’s beauty, style, intelligence, wit and deviousness are so perfectly executed. In this movie, Irene is a skilled professional thief as well as a divorcee.

La Jetee – Chris Marker

A short science fiction movie about time travel, the third world war, atomic explosions, and a post-atomic society of survivors, living in sewers infested with rats, desperately trying to return to civilization, seeking help from future. Yet for the main character, haunted by a recurring dream of an airport scene, a woman and a little kid, this soon assumes a secondary significance. He is motivated by his yearning for love, no questions asked, lived in the absolute moment, time having lost its meaning, once stripped of its condition of reality; love for the woman he encounters in the past, incarnation…

La Haine – Mathieu Kassovitz

French director Kassovitz was awarded the Palme D’or for Best Director at Cannes 1995, for this film. La Haine (released as Hate in the US) tells the story of a day in the lives of three youngsters, living in a council estate (banlieu) at the outskirts of Paris, in the aftermath of the beating of one of their friends by the police, which had lead to riots and confrontations with the armed forces.

An Overview of the First Season of Pitchmen

Pitchmen was a Discovery Channel show. It focused on As Seen On TV products and featured the late Billy Mays. The show also delivered a number of interesting insights.

Epic Smallville Reveals Universal Truths About Superman

There is a moment in the latest Smallville episode “Kandor” that is both delicious and satisfying to me as a longtime fan of the show. It’s a scene the series has been building towards for years, though like the Man of the Steel himself it comes and goes with the speed of a bullet. It’s impact, though, represents a terrific payoff after all this time watching Tom Welling play Clark Kent so well.

Dracula DVD

The Dracula DVD is exceptionally visually entertaining as it was years ago. Dracula was originally released way back in the early 1900’s. The recent version has a really good look and feel to it and the costumes and sets are rich and incredible.

The Wolfman (2010) Review

The first question I ask myself when watching a remake/reboot is “what’s the purpose?” Does it approach the story in a way different than the original, improve any glaring faults or shortcomings, or change the setting to something more modern? Unfortunately The Wolfman not only accomplishes none of these, it’s also devoid of the original’s excellent atmosphere and suspense.