Movies and TV As a Part of Our Lives

Once upon a time people lived vicariously through movies and then a small square box made it possible to do it in the home, too. When television became available in the 1930’s, very few people had one. There were very few television broadcasting stations and programming was very limited. In the 1950’s, television became the center piece of most family living rooms. It was a major way to get products into the public eye.

VH1 Basketball Wives Finale

The finale has aired for the last show. Suzie try to get Royce and Gloria together to make up. Things didn’t turn out well.

Why Desmond Hume is My Favorite Lost Character

This article contains many spoilers. It is not to be read by people who have not already seen the entire series of Lost.

Iron Man 2 – Plots Gone Wild

I’m going to admit it, and I’m sorry if this makes me shallow: I like humor. Spare me your psychological thrillers, your tearjerkers, your blood-splattered slaughter; I’ll pass it over for a movie that makes me laugh every time.

TV, Our Lives, and Retro Sweets

I have grown watching Felicity. In fact my mom and I couldn’t miss a single episode and we did watch the show religiously with some retro sweets. Watching the story of the main characters and the people connected to her unfold is just a joy, pain, but nonetheless entertaining especially if you indulge in some irresistible traditional sweets everyone has loved since. Felicity has showed me the different facets of life and how it feels to be young.

Morning Glory Trailer Review

No audience in the world will believe that Will Parker, the starving, desperate ex-con who is at the center of Morning Glory trailer, could have the robust physical effectively-being of Christopher Reeve. Nor could any audience seriously think Deborah Raffin (who wrote the film with Charles Jarrott) as Elly Dinsmore, a pregnant widow leading a threadbare existence on a dusty, neglected farm.

Why Does Britain’s Got Talent Have to Be So Annoying?

Britain’s Got Talent is a huge TV show, but it infuriates me every year. This year is no exception, and here’s why…

Moslems and the Mumbai Film Industry

India is home to the largest film industry in the world. In particular it rivals Hollywood that produces far less movies than made in India. But the main centre of films in India is Mumbai.

Homer Simpson – The Worlds Greatest TV Character

So why was Homer Simpson voted the best TV character of all time? Discover the reasons why.

Episode Summary of the Hit Comedy TV Show, The Office

This article describes a two part episode of the hit NBC show, The Office. The article body connects to the keywords because the episodes revolve around everybody in the office taking part in a competition where they lose weight and get benefits from corporate.

Three Shows to Watch Now That Lost is Over

If you’re a big fan of the show Lost who is looking for their “TV fix” now that Lost is over this article is for you. It includes recommendations of three great shows that (like Lost) draw you in and keep you wanting more!

ViewMaster – The First 3D Movies Glasses

Nowadays, every single technological company has now decided to come up with their own rendition of each kind of 3D technological devices. The main reason for this is because they do not want to be left behind in the race for becoming the most up to date brand or company in terms of 3D devices.