The Work of Independent Documentarian – An Interview With Emmett Williams

Just what does an independent documentarian do? Where does he/her get ideas? How does he/she make a living at it? I recently had a conversation with Emmett Williams, independent producer, to find out how he manages a career making documentaries.

Gossip Girl Episode 13 – The Hurt Locket

Oh Gossip Girl, how much I’ve missed you! Remember that international drug dealer Little J was carelessly skipping around town with? Well, things are slowly heating up in their business relationship. Lily is a bit concerned and discusses an open-door policy with Jenny when boys are in her room.

Movie Tips – How to Pick the Right Movie Every Time

Movie goers everywhere have one major thing in common, we all love to watch a really great movie. Undoubtedly, with so many movies to choose from, how do we even begin to choose from the millions of classics, blockbusters, Sci-Fi, Adventures, and family movies out there? And the list goes on.

Innovating Doctor Who Fan Fiction – Three Alternative Approaches

As a lifelong fan of Doctor Who, I’ve followed the show throughout my life and in all kinds of different media. Like most people I started out by watching the TV programme, but I soon became exposed to other ways of following my favourite Sci Fi programme. First this was through the Target novels. These were thin books novelising shows that had already been on TV.

Field Production Etiquette

Field shots are always hectic. A lot has to go on at the same time in order capture the best footage to make the best show possible. Here are some tips to help you get what you need.

About the Book and Movie – Twilight

Appearing as a set of four novels, the Twilight series is the work of American vampire-romance author Stephenie Meyer. The Twilight series traces the life of the seventeen year old protagonist Isabella “Bella” Swan, who falls in love with a vampire by the name of Edward Cullen. The Twilight series is presented from the viewpoint of Bella.

Sherlock Holmes – Hollywood Detective Movies Top Sleuth

The fictional character Sherlock Holmes, having first appeared in publication in 1887, is a London-based detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Easily the most recognized fictional detective, Holmes is known for his intelligent, analytical, and deductive capabilities. Assisting Holmes with his investigations is his good friend Dr. John H. Watson.

A Family Guy Includes Sarah Palin As Special, But She Doesn’t Like It

Some family things are annoying and can make you want to belong to some other family. What can be annoying? While driving to school nice and early, the peace of a morning is shattered by dad slurping his coffee. When the majority in the car wants to hear some upbeat tunes, dad puts on something down and out, and obscure, from the 60s, and sings it really loud. Dad and mom kiss each other goodbye and do a fanny dance in front of the kids’ friends and they think it’s gross.

New York CSI TV Series – Is it a Family?

Over the years, like many of us I have watched a lot of TV. Lately I have thought about what makes a good TV series. What was the common thread that made me go back and continue to watch a series, over and over? Just what was it that made me a fan?

3D TV Converter – Optimizing Your 3D Experience

There is no doubt that 3D movies makers have movie goers watching one 3D movie to another. The magical display of effects, animation and images leave you dazzled after watching a 3D movie.

A Closer Look at C.S.I.

The human mind tends to program itself accustomed to searching for the extraordinarily unbelievable and extremely mysterious occurrences in nature. I think it’s safe to say that our minds really cannot tolerate being stagnant and incapacitated, so from time to time, we seem to feel the need to be “freaked out” or ” astonished” by any heinous or inhuman event or occurrence that directly involves another human being.

Bollywood For Beginners

New to Bollywood? Appreciating its artistry is simply a matter of understanding India’s unique way of filmmaking. Our primer explains the basics.