Best Recent Movies

There have been many good movies out there for a long time now and the industry is not slowing down their progress of getting better and more in depth with the way that they put these creations together. I know that lots of people out there have to be impressed with he new releases and visual effects that go into making one of them. All of the recent films that were made within the last few years have been incredible to say the least a few of the top favorite most recent movies are…

Debt in the Movies – Part 3

The movie I.O.U.S.A. both challenges and offers solutions to the ever-increasing American debt problem. Why is America importing more goods than it is exporting?

District 9 – The Greatest Sci-Fi Movie Ever?

2009 is rapidly coming to a close, which can only mean one thing. Hollywood’s award season will soon be kicking into high gear all across the film industry. Movie studios have already begun their ferocious marketing campaigns for this year’s biggest Oscar contenders in hopes of persuading the Academy in their favor. Unfortunately, one movie that will most likely be missing from 2010’s Best Picture Oscar ballot this March is District 9, the Peter Jackson produced sci-fi masterpiece that was released at the end of this past summer.

Generation of Lost Stories

The lagging economy has made going to the movies one of the best entertainment sources that many families can afford. The box office numbers clearly show us that it fits the consumer’s needs and desires for entertainment despite the tight economy.

Music That Beavis and Butthead Think Sucks

“Beavis and Butthead” is an animated comedy series from in the 1990s starring two music loving teenagers. Their lack of social skills and amazing incompetence are the basis of the comedy and not unlike early slapstick. Beavis and Butthead prefer heavy metal but enjoy different musical styles including some rap and classic rock and often watch music videos while providing a running commentary.

Avatar – Experience Pandora After the Movie Ends

A blockbuster movie wouldn’t be complete without third party tie-ins. With the recent release of the 20th Century Fox movie, “Avatar”, this is the case as well.

Technofiction Review of Surrogates

Surrogates is a watchable SF thriller, but it explores only one small aspect of an interesting technology. What is shown could have been done more easily in VR rather than in physical existence.

Worst Movies of 2008 – Top 3 Hollywood Flicks to Avoid

If someone presents you with a copy of any of these movies, do not feel bashful telling them to keep it. In fact, a good way to go about it is to behave like the disk was on fire and fling it out the window or into the dustbin or something, because no one gives away a good movie DVD. Accept it and you will be wasting yours and your time only.

Sherlock Holmes and Baritsu

Sherlock Holmes mastery of the martial art baritsu is not an invention of the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Canon Doyle had Holmes himself speak about his use of these skills.

Ann Miller Tap Biography

Tap Dancer Ann Miller was born April 12, 1923 in Chireno, a small town in Texas. Her father, John Collier, a criminal attorney who defended some famous gangsters like Machine Gun Kelly and the Barrow Gang, wanted a son. She was born Johnnie Lucille Collier, but later became known as Annie.

The Untapped Power of Product Placement in Nollywood Movies

Producers in Nollywood are faced with the challenges of obtaining funds needed to make movies. Marketers who also double as Distributors have been their constant source of financial empowerment right from the era of the Home Video boom. The Banks, Corporate bodies, High net worth individuals have not been forth coming as one would have expected. Movies are churned out at the end of the day based on the available financial resources. The power behind product placement has not been eagerly explored, probably based on ignorance, indifference, or lack of in-depth knowledge about the concept.

The Nigerian Craze For Mexican Telenovelas

Nigerian Soap operas/drama productions, rocked our TV screens back in the days (especially in the 80’s), which transcended into the 90’s. Unfortunately, they stopped the broadcast of these programmes and Nigerians had to be content with the stream of local productions that were flung in our faces.