Movie – “Lord of War”

I know I’m behind the times, but I read more than I watch movies or TV. A little while ago my daughter and I watched “Lord of War” (2005), which I enjoyed, starring Nicolas Cage as “Yuri Orlov”, who was born in the Ukraine and immigrated to the U.S. with his family. I favor and admire Nicolas Cage, and to me his gentle cynicism and humor come through in every character he’s played. I couldn’t help but like him in this movie, because he was charming and funny.

“Annie” Rates As One of the Most Uplifting, Harrowing and Positive Broadway Musicals Ever

“Annie” is certainly one of the most uplifting, harrowing and positive Broadway musicals in movie history. Based on Thomas Meehan’s musical score of the enormously successful stage play, and Carol Sobieski’s screenplay, Annie was directed by John Houston in his first and last effort directing a movie musical. None of their talent was wasted. Find out why.

The Enduring Appeal of ‘Friends’

Perhaps no TV show has been able to transcend so many cultures like ‘Friends’ while maintaining all of its archetypal American qualities at the same time. It became increasingly popular across the world with each progressing season and continues to be popular even five years after the final episode was aired in 2004.

Wizards on Deck – Pre Order Your Hannah Montana DVD

What’s Wizards on Deck? It’s some crossover episodes of three popular teen and tween TV shows, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life on Deck and Hannah Montana. The night these Hannah Montana crossover episodes showed on TV, it beat out every other show in the ratings that night with over 9 million viewers!

Gunparade March – Volume 1 is Based on the Popular Playstation Game and is Finally Released on DVD!

Based on the highly popular Playstation game of the same name, Gunparade March Volume 1 is now available on DVD. The newly released DVD contains the first four episodes of the series and is directed by Katsushi Sakurabi who also directed Revolutionary Girl Utena. It’s a highly anticipated release for many anime fans but for those of you who don’t know the story, read on.

From the Director of “Revolutionary Girl Utena” Comes the Release of Gunparade March on DVD

Gunparade March Volume 1 is a new anime series which is based on the popular Playstation video game. The new DVD will be released in August 2009 and will feature the first four episodes of the 12 episode series. The series is directed by Katsushi Sakurabi and the story follows a group of young men and women who are fresh out of high school but have been drafted into the army in order to protect their world from the threats of invasion.

Analysis of a Protagonist – Rocky, Sylvester Stallone

Rocky works as a drama because the central character is well-drawn, he has conflicts in all areas of his life and obstacles to overcome which at the beginning of the film, appear to be insurmountable. One of the ways that Stallone builds sympathy for his character is by highlighting the harshness of the world that he inhabits. Establishing audience identification with the character early on is vital in stories such as this, where the central character is the story.

How James Stewart Won The West

“I was a bouncing baby. I know it’s kinda hard to believe but I was a good round shape when I was born. I weighed eight pounds but somewhere along the way I kinda got thin.” James Stewart. Stewart never took an acting lesson in his life and often said that, he didn’t act but reacted. He became a star in his gangly youth – 1939 saw him make both Destry Rides Again and Mr Smith Goes to Washington. He was a favourite leading man for Hitchcock and starred in many seminal classics with the master of suspense – Vertigo, Rope, The Rear Window.

The Hollywood Wall is Coming Down!

Where is the Film Industry Heading Now? A closer look at the movie making process shows that the biggest emphasis is in finding ‘that’ script that will command huge audiences. But strangely enough in the hunt for ‘that’ script Hollywood players are not willing to accept unsolicited material (without agent representation), which leaves talented writers who have no connections in the movie industry with zero chance of ever seeing their script on the big screen. There might be another “Titanic” or “Erin Brockovich” writer out there, still unable to break into the film industry for this same reason.

Hilarious Comedy Shows on TV

Sunday afternoon, I Just finished doing my laundry, eating lunch, and washing the dishes. I didn’t have any plans at that time even if I wanted to since I’m broke (second week after pay day, go figure). So one thing left to do…Turn on the television and see what’s worth watching. Now I’m not really a big fan of a show that makes fun of people because that is just being mean, but there is this show that I’ve seen on one channel that is hilarious!

“Kingdom of Heaven” Sought to Be an Epic Film, But Became a Disaster in Production

Unfortunately for “Kingdom of Heaven”, what started out as an ambitious epic film about a little known time in history, became an almost disaster at its release and was only average at best. There is probably enough blame to spread around. Find out the nine reasons why Kingdom of Heaven could not cut the mustard as a good film.

Even With Sandra Bullock, “Two Weeks Notice” Becomes Only an Average Romantic Comedy

“Two Weeks Notice” is just a tad too predictable to be a good romantic comedy, so it must take its rightful place as average when placed against other much better efforts such as “Sleepless in Seattle”, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and ” Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Find out why this film, even starring Sandra Bullock, does not really impress.