Top Science Fiction Movies – 3 Movies You Must See in Your Lifetime

When people say they are science fiction fans it is really too much of a generic statement, most of us enjoy movies set in the future when they have good story lines and plenty of action. Some people will prefer robot movies; some people really enjoy watching the director show his thoughts of how the future earth will look while other people just want to see big monsters. There are films in the science fiction niche that appeal to everyone, here are 3 of my top ones: –

What Would Your Top 3 Sci Fi Movies Be?

There have been many science fiction movies made over the last 40 years or so. However it was the collaboration between Arthur C Clarke and Stanley Kubrick to create 2001 A Space Odyssey, which really brought the idea of travelling in space to life for moviegoers in the late 60’s. It can be hard to pick just three films when asked to choose your favourite sci fi films but I have tried.

2009 is Set to Be a Great Year For Apocalyptic Movie Fans

A look at the apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic movies that are set for release in 2009. Also a quick look at what’s to offer in early 2010 which includes the release of NBC’s new TV series Day One.

DVD Catalog Software is the Right Gift For a Film Buff

DVDs have made it easier to watch high quality movies right in the comfort of one’s home. But with this convenience has come the temptation to buy every good movie available. Needless to say, those who are already interested in films may end up with a large number of DVDs in their home – many more than they might be able to recall. With DVD catalog software, those who consider themselves to be film buffs will not only be able to keep buying movies to their heart’s content, but they will also be able to keep them organized in a fashion that allows them to rate the movies they’ve seen, assemble genre-focused collections, and protect their investments.

Tintin Books and the Hollywood Treatment

In 1929, a French cartoon series appeared as a children’s supplement in Belgian newspaper Le Vingtieme Siecle. Very few would have suspected the international success story that would follow. Written and drawn by Belgian artist Herge, the series focused on the adventures of boy reporter Tintin and his faithful sidekick french terrier dog Snowy. Tintin’s adventures were infused with Herge’s own sense of wonderment, adventure and humor.

The Most Famous Old Movies

The story happened during World War II in the Vichy-controlled Moroccan city of Casablanca. Two major characters played by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman are in love, but the character of Ingrid Bergman is married to a Resistance leader. The major question is whether the character of Humphrey Bogart helps a character of Paul Henreid to escape from Casablanca to continue his fight.

How to Search For a Movie Quote?

If you love movie quotes you can see that nowadays there are more and more web sites having thousand of famous quotes, but if you are looking for a specific and no famous quote in a movie, sometimes it’s very difficult or even impossible to find it. Since some months ago a new generation of specialized search engines is coming up, they are called movie quotes search engines. Some of them allow you to find not only a specific quote from a movie but also show you the exact moment where a phrase is said (h:m:s) and the context.

C4 Big Brother – Why Would You Want to Appear in a Reality TV Show?

What Attracts People to Appear in Shows like C4 Big Brother ? – There are two main questions to be answered here. Reality TV has been described by some as ‘humiliation and debasement’ and the question has been raised as to whether such they should be legistlated against.* If this is the case the first question must be why do such shows exist? What has caused the current trend for an abundance of tv programmes that put people’s lives on show?

Katrina Kaif – Alice in Bollywood Wonderland

The heart throb of young in India is no other than Katerina Kaif. Born in Hongkong, British national Katrina kaif is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood. She has appeared in many Hindi and Telugu movies. Katerina started her modeling career at age of 14 after approached by agent for jewelry campaign.

He’s No Good to Me Dead – The Boba Fett Story

Boba Fett! That name strikes fear into the hearts of anyone hearing it! Boba Fett the most feared bounty hunter in the known universe. The only one Han Solo Fears! Boba Fett!

Video Editing Transitions

Everything that is done in the editing process is done with the intent of enhancing the telling of the story. That is what editing is all about, telling a story. It makes no difference if the video is a professional movie or about your summer trip to Disneyland, both are telling a story.

The Top Five War Movies of All Time Now on Satellite TV

We all know that war is hell. Perhaps that is why we are drawn to the films that dramatize or even lighten the burden wars place on our society. We want to see someone make sense of it all. Here are the five best war movies ever made, now playing on satellite TV.