Snapshot: The Wacky History Behind 3D Television Technology

How did our path to 3D TV get started? Was it because of some fluke? Or was this the plan all along? Below I’ll outline the history of 3D TV technology in this article.

My Marriage Metaphor

In his 1991 hit flick, City Slickers, Bruno Kirby describes marriage to Billy Crystal’s character as being like a box of breakfast cereal. Being single, he explains, is like having the Kellogg’s Variety Pack of small, individually boxed cereal. Each day you can pick a different kind of cereal to have for breakfast. But with marriage you are forced to choose one kind of cereal, it may be your favorite cereal, but it’s the only one you can have for breakfast. Every day, for the rest of your life. This analogy sounded pretty grim but it’s not exactly accurate.

Midsomer Murders – Where Villages Are Overrun With Murderers

Midsomer Murders is a successful British detective series which shows a phenomenon many series and detective books have. Whenever a detective lives in a small city or village, and the book or TV show is successful, thankfully the author often continues with new cases for the hero to solve. In time, one wonders if these small, picturesque places are made up entirely out of serial killers!

Know More About The Upcoming Hollywood Flicks

Watching teasers and trailers of upcoming Hollywood movies on a big screen is an incomparable experience. This experience is enhanced with the superior sound effects and excellent picture quality of the movie theatres. However, there are large numbers of people who prefer to watch the trailers of latest movies online. Watching trailers online saves your valuable money as well as your precious time.

Famous Frat Houses In The Movies

In most cases, fraternity houses in the movies are fictitious and are not anything like a real fraternity is ran. In some cases this is not always the case. Whether real or fake, movies that feature Greek houses have popularized fraternity houses all over America. Here are some of the very famous Greek houses from the movies that have made fraternity life so appealing.

Movie Review – The Descendants (2011) (R)

The Descendants, adapted from the novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings, shows that people can always surprise us, no matter how well we think we know them. It tells the story Matt King (George Clooney), who may live in Hawaii but doesn’t live in paradise. His wife, Elizabeth (Patricia Hastie), lies in a coma in a Honolulu hospital following a boating accident; only after finding out that she will never reawaken, only after deciding to take her off life support, does he finally learn that she had been cheating on him.

The Cable TV Stations We Can View Today, Are Nothing Like What Is Coming in the Next Decade

Of course, these companies are not spending this kind of money, if they did not think they were going to be able to capitalize on it in the future. They are investing these huge sums, because they believe that it will add to their share of the market, which will eventually lead to increased revenues, a better bottom line, and a higher share price for their stock.

How Many People Remember Only Being Able to Watch Three Television Stations?

If you were a sports fan, and you wanted to watch a baseball game, you had to wait until Saturday when the “Game of the Week” was broadcast. At that time there was not an ESPN, or all kinds of other stations that made virtually every professional baseball game that is played today available.

Forget The Hollywood Blockbusters Of Today – Give The Classics A Chance

Seems like you can’t turn around downtown these days without bumping face-first into another movie poster. Or a commercial. Or any of the hours upon hours of previews that play every day in movie theatres across the US and around the world.

A Deeper Look at “The Lincoln Lawyer”

This is a deeper look at the film “The Lincoln Lawyer.” In this article, Joan examines the personality types of the main characters, and how their beliefs guide their actions.

A Deeper Look at “Maid in Manhattan”

On the surface, this is the story of a maid, Marissa (Jennifer Lopez), a single mom, who works at a posh New York City hotel. Midway through the movie she’s chosen for a supervisor’s training program. She enters the program and is doing well. Under odd circumstances, one day Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), a senatorial candidate staying at the hotel, meets Marissa and mistakes her for the wealthy socialite, Caroline Lane. Against her better judgment Marissa goes along with the deception and they spend one magical, intimate night together…

A Deeper Look at “It’s Complicated”

This is a deeper look at the film, “It’s Complicated.” In this article, Joan examines the personalities of the main characters, how their personalities drive the relationships, and what we can learn from them.