What The Social Network Meant to Me

I’m no movie reviewer but I am a fan of Facebook… I use it every day in my business. So I thought it would be fun to precis the film and what I interpret it to mean.

Blu Ray – The Latest in Movie Entertainment

A new technology show cased itself in the year 1997 that enabled one to bring digital and video sound to all homes across the globe. This was none other than the DVD that added more glitz and glamour to the movie industry but as we all know technology is always evolving and in 2006 Blu Ray discs took the stage. So what exactly makes a Blu Ray disc outrank the DVD?

DEVIL Horror Movie Review

In the film DEVIL five strangers are stranded in an elevator and everytime the lights go out something bad happens. Something none of them consider is the fact that the killer might in fact be the Devil.

Sandra Bullock Movies That Earned The Highest Worldwide

High earning Sandra Bullock movies have earned her worldwide fame and recognition. Watch a Sandra Bullock movie today and find out why.

Superheroes With Multiple Secret Identities

Everyone knows that almost all superheroes have secret identities, but are there some that have more than one? The answer is yes, but not in the way you might think.

My Little Pony Danny Devito DVD Review – The Funniest My Little Pony DVD

Entertainment should be a part of our lives. This is why most of us buy movie or music dvds. Since entertainment industry is one of fastest growing, one could feel confused when choosing DVDs. However, some DVDs tend to stand out at all times. A good example is my little pony dvd. The best style to buy is the My Little Pony Danny Devito. Many people who have bought it do not regret their decision. In fact, these previous shoppers feel that people could learn important lessons from the movie.

Thor Movie Plot And Trailer Sneak Peak

Thor is a imaginary super hero which appears in comics printed by Marvel Comics. The character very first makes an appearance in Journey into Mystery #83 (August 1962), and will make his come back in a major way in the new film branded simply – Thor. A digital duplicate of the trailer for Thor – the exact same video clip revealed during Marvel’s Saturday panel at Comic Con – has hit the world wide web.

Thriller Movies

If you enjoy being kept on the edge of your seat, then you’ll want to take a look at this brief list of thrillers. From the works of Alfred Hitchcock to modern-day films starring Ellen Page, we examine some of the great thrillers through the decades.

The Beloved Friday The 13th TV Show

Friday the 13th TV Show was wildly popular in the late 80’s and it was in syndication for 3 years ending in 1990. This television show has no connection to the movie Friday the 13th about Jason Vorhees and the title was a ploy by the producer to bring in audiences.

All About Eddie Murphy Movies

Eddie Murphy has already had a very long career that many people have diligently followed. He has many beloved fans and he has worked on a variety of different projects. Most of the Eddie Murphy movies are comedies and this is what people have learned to expect from this original comedian.

The Hangover – Movie Review

A nice young guy named Doug is getting married soon and his friends convince him to have his bachelor party in Las Vegas. They check into their suite at Caesar’s Palace and later sneak up onto the roof to have a drink to start the night. Stu and Phil are old friends and they are accompanied by Alan, the weird brother of Doug’s fiancee.

Making A Movie Is Like Building Up To Satisfying Sex

Directing a movie is when your clothes come off and you can’t be shy about things. This is the point where all the previous planning has led.