Only a Dog Lover Could Really Love “Best in Show” – A Mockumentary

Director Christopher Guest teamed with Eugene Levy as writers for “Best in Show” that looks at the funnier side of the legendary Westminster Kennel Club’s annual competition, otherwise known as a prestigious dog show. Premiere voted the result as one of “The 50 Greatest Comedies of All Time” in 2006. Best in Show is referred to as a “mockumentary”. One might call Best in Show a parody of a documentary with humor as the centerpiece. It is good for some laughs.

Put Movies On PSP

Learn how to put movies on to your psp by looking at this article. Most movies will be free of charge as well.

Nothing To Watch On Television

Everyone loves television and it entertains us tremendously. Find out the reason why people continue to say there is nothing to watch on TV.

The Top 5 War Movies Of All Time

Over the past few decades, a number of amazing war movies have hit the theaters. Although there are many war movies that have done an excellent job of portraying the conflict and the reality of the situation at hand, there are five that rank at the top of the list.

Homer Simpson Sure Knows His Marketing

If there’s one thing Homer Simpson knows, (let’s face it, he doesn’t know much!), then it’s how to promote a movie. Two great examples, one offline, and one online have done a great job…

2007 – The Summer Of The Third Film?

Summer of 2007, and Hollywood seems to be mesmerized by the number 3 – they seem to be adding it to the end of all the films… After all there’s Shrek 3, Spiderman 3, Jason Bourne 3, Die Hard 4, Rocky 5!

Bob Hope TV Shows Timeless Classics

Bob Hope is a classic television icon for multiple generations. His timeless comedy and endearing character make him one of the best comics of our time. This article reviews Bob Hope’s life and career on both television and in movies.

Harry Potter and Its Audience

Why Harry Potter the movie became one of the most fascinating movies? While we all know that the movie is full of visual effects created with the aid of the advance technology, the effects to the movie goers seems to be overwhelming and it does tickle most of the crowd.

Buh-Bye – The Shortest-Lived Television Series to Split the Small Screen

Ah, short-lived TV shows: you gotta love ’em. There is nothing quite like shows that are so bad they live in infamy. From shows that are on the air for just one episode, to those that stay for a few weeks, short-lived TV shows are really quite easy to miss: if you blink, you’ll do just that. The following are some of the shortest-lived TV shows of all time: they are gone because they’re rotten.

Stop the Presses – Celebrities We are Completely Sick of Hearing About

From CNN to the Enquirer, from Larry King to Barbra Walters, celebrities are in the news constantly. This is intriguing, to a point, but it often changes from intriguing to just annoying. This is particularly true when it comes to certain celebrities, celebrities that are shoved down our throats whenever our mouths are even slightly open. The following is a list of some of the celebrities who are always in the news, even when they shouldn’t be.

Watch TV On Computer – Connect Computer To TV

With the way technology is today you can not watch TV on computers quickly and easily. Because it only makes sense to connect your computer to a TV. You can watch thousands of channels with no recurring fees like cable or satellite television.

The Seinfeld Show (1989-1998)

All about nothing, the Seinfeld show. Seinfeld is one of the greatest TV show aired in our television set, it is the story about, yes “Nothing”, that gives us laugh for the whole 30 minutes of nothingness.