Ernie (Ghoulardi) Anderson – The King of Cool!

This is a short biography of the beloved Ernie Anderson character Ghoulardi.

The Tintin Movie – Kirsten Myburgh To Play Tintin

With the secrecy surrounding the Tintin movie trilogy that is scheduled to be completed by 2009 speculation is rife. The main gossip is around who will play Tintin with several young actors mentioned. Kristen Myburgh is a young unknown that is getting a lot of press on Tintin forums. Could he be Tintin?

Talent Agents – What Do They Do?

This could be a very complex answer but I’ll try to break it down to you as simple as I can. In Hollywood, agents act as the intermediary or middlemen between the actors and the studios.

Monologues – What Are They?

Those of you who are new to acting may have heard of the term “monologue”. The correct Webster’s dictionary definition of a monologue is a “dramatic sketch performed by one actor”. The most important thing about having a monologue prepared is allowing people to see your talent.

Unlimited iPod Movie Downloads For Pennies?

iPod movie downloads are well-sought after by iPod lovers. The new video iPods can easily store many hours of video and movie entertainment and it is the perfect entertainment companion when you are traveling or simply outside of home. But where can you find quality iPod movie downloads for pennies?

2 Weird Films That Have Stood the Test of Time – “Drag Queens in the Desert” and “Rocky Horror”

What would Hollywood be without its share of bitchy, catty, gaudy, outrageous and crazy films? Two examples are “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” and “The Rocky Horror Picture “Show”. I came away from the first film feeling that the drag queens and transsexual were really unhappy people desperate for acceptance they could not find. The Rocky Horror Picture show is not only a terrible film, it is also a horrific movie not worth seeing.

Cut Off Those Annoying Remote Buttons!

Tired of getting ambushed by pay-per-view screens from accidentally hitting those all-too-prominent keys on your remote that cannot be reprogrammed? Just cut them off! It is easy to do and you can still use the keys, if you need to.

Sweeney Todd

Dream Works Pictures collaborate with Warner Brothers Pictures to bring us “Sweeney Todd” executive produced by Patrick McCormick and produced by Richard D. Zanuck, Walter F. Parkes, Laurie MacDonald, and John Logan. Based on the book by Hugh Wheeler and originally brought to the stage by Harold Prince, this marvelous production evolves from the musical version from Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler. John Logan wrote the screenplay that Tim Burton directed.

Amy Polumbo – Invasion of Privacy or Much Ado About Nothing

Amy Polumbo is a east coast beauty queen. Was she treated fairly? Did she face too much scrutiny?

Ed Wood Is A Very Strange Movie About A Very Strange Real Life Director

“Ed Wood” is a biographical movie about Edward D. Wood, Jr. who has been dubbed the worst director in the history of filmmaking. The movie depicts the life of Ed Wood in the 1950s and shows Wood as a very determined director with virtually no financial backing and no real talent. Wood liked to direct really bad films and enjoyed dressing as a woman on the set. Johnny Depp stars as Ed Wood.

Is Satellite TV for PC Worth it?

Read this before getting any satellite TV for PC.

Cornhole the Movie Extra Finds Stardom in the Crowd

In anticipation of his first shot at movie stardom the Hopeful Cornhole Movie Extra left early that morning for the drive to the country. Soon he would be an Extra in Cornhole the Movie. He did not want to be late for this curtain call.