Toy Story 3: Top Movie Review

One day Andy takes out Woody, character fit to be in the top 10 movies list, from the box and packs the remaining toys in a garbage bag so that he can later put them in the attic. Mrs. Davis finds the garbage bag and keeps it out along with the other garbage. The toys take it that they are no longer needed by Andy and slip into a box to be delivered to Sunnyside Daycare.

Race Hindi Film

The movie “Race” was released on 2008 directed by the infamous duo Abbas and Mustan. It is a suspense thriller with many twists and turns. This movie tells a story between two brothers Ranvir (Saif Ali Khan) and Rajiv (Akshaye Khanna).

Pirates of the Carribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: Top Movie Review

Promoted to Commodore in the Royal Navy, James Norrington played by Jack Davenport, star of many top 10 movies, proposes to Elizabeth played by Keira Knightley, a star fit for top rated movies, daughter of Governor Weatherby Swann, played by Jonathan Pryce. Her over-tight corset faint’s her and she falls in the bay and the medallion she is wearing starts emitting pulse. She is rescued by Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp, sure to jack this movie to top 10 movies, is recognized by Norrington, is arrested and condemned to death. Black Pearl docks at Port Royal responding to the pulse of the medallion and Elizabeth is captured by Captain Barbossa played by Geoffrey Rush, giving a performance fit for top movies, whom she tells her surname as Turner, remembering Will Turner played by Orlando Bloom, again a top performer with top rated movies, who was rescued by her father and herself eight years ago and to whom the medallion belonged. In exchange for the medallion the pirates agree not to attack Port Royal but keep her as hostage realizing she could get them out of the curse.

Star Strek: Top Movie Review

It is Circa 2233. Romulan ship Narada creates a dummy storm to distract Captain Robau played by Faran Tahir, who has given his best to put the movie in top 10 movies list, of USS Kelvin, a Federation starship and its Captain Nero played by Eric Bana, confronts Kelvin to know about Ambassador Spock. When Nero learns nothing from him he kills him and orders destruction of USS Kelvin. Acting Captain George Kirk played by Chris Hemsworth, orders evacuation of the inmates including his pregnant wife Winona played by Jennifer Morrison, via Shuttlecraft before the ship is destroyed and he is killed.

Gladiator: Top Movie Review

Maximus Decimus Meridius, a powerful act by Russell Crowe, veteran of many top 10 movies, was a General in the army of ageing Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius and had saved the Rome from many barbarous attacks. Emperor Marcus on his death bed wishes that an appointed Senate should rule the empire and till that time Maximus should keep the reigns of the empire in his hands. Commodus, enacted on screen by Joaquin Phoenix, star of many top rated movies, Marcus’s son kills his father on learning this and on assuming charge of the empire orders that Maximus and his family be executed. Maximus is betrayed by his friend Quintus and is arrested but somehow escapes only to find that he got late in saving his wife and son. An unconscious Maximus is taken by slave traders to Zucchabar, in North Africa, where Proximo, a slave trader buys him and makes him a gladiator. There he befriends two gladiators, Juba, well portrayed by Djimon Hounsou, star of many top movies, from Numidia and Hagen from Germania. Juba is a gentle soul and assures Maximus that he shall meet his family after death.

Inglourious Bastards: Top Movie Review

In Nazi occupied France a farmer Perrier LaPadite, enacted by actor of top movies Denis Menochet, is suspected of hiding a jewish family. SS Colonel Hans Landa, a powerful characterization by Christoph Waltz, veteran of many listed top 10 movies, comes to investigate and after his brutal interrogation the farmer reveals that the family is hidden under the boards. Landa’s SS soldiers finish the family but a teenage girl Shosanna, beautifully portrayed by the beauty of many top rated movies Melanie Laurent, is spared by Landa and escapes. This was in year 1941.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: Top Movie Review

Frodo Biggins played by Elijah Wood giving a top rated movies act and Samwise Gamgee layed by Sean Astin giving a top movies performance, accompanying Gollum come to Mina Morgul. The Fellowship is at Edoras after the victory of Helm’s Deep and Gandalf the White, portrayed by Ian Mckellen who is good for top 10 movies list, is of the opinion that Saruman will not attempt another attack. Sauron enters Pippins, played by Bill Boyd giving a top movies performance, mind through a Palantir and tries to know about the Ring from which Gandalf concludes that he is going to attack Minas Tirith and heads towards it with Pippin. Arwen urges Elrond to resurrect Anduril, the sword that had cut Sauron’s finger. On reaching Minas Tirith Gandalfi and Pippin try to convince Denethor about Sauron’s attack and propose he take help from Aragorn but Denethor does not agree.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Top Movie Review

Frodo Baggin played by Elijah Wood giving a top rated movies performance and Samwise Gamgee played by Sean Astin in a top movies role, have captured Gollum who had attacked them and they take him along to show them the Black Gate of the land of Mordor. The Fellowship reaches the land of Rohan whose King Theoden played by Bernard Hill giving his top 10 movies performance is captive of Grima Worntongue, henchman of Saruman. Kings only son Theodred has been killed and his nephew Eomer has been banished from the kingdom by Grima. Eomer ambushes the Uruk-hai in the Fangorn forest, kills them and frees Merry and Pippin who meet Treebeard the oldest Ent. Gollum has led Frodo and Sam to the Black Gates of Morodo which are heavily guarded and they find it difficult to enter, when Gollum suggests another way to go in.

Movies Now Playing

Choosing from all the current release films can be a daunting task, which is why I’ve assembled this short list of movies now playing in theaters. Most are major release motion pictures, but one or two might require you to visit your local art house cinema. But no matter where you see them, I’m confident that you’ll enjoy this blend of drama, comedy, action, and horror as much as I have.

Salman Khan’s “Being Human Show”

Well, after the grand opening of “Big Boss” (the most popular reality Show which is telecasting on the entertainment Colours channel from 3rd October), Salman Khan has once again surprised its fans while walking on the ramp at HDIL India Couture week. However, HDIL India Couture week was one of the grand events which launched with Bollywood tadka on 16 September in Mumbai.

Banksy Creates Risque New Simpsons Intro

Graffiti artist Banksy has sparked controversy by creating a new title sequence for The Simpsons. The elusive Bristolian left his own satirical stamp on the streets of Springfield with a lengthy introduction which features his name tag sprayed across a billboard of Krusty the Clown advertising a funeral service and the school wall. Bart Simpson is seen performing his usual punishment of writing lines on the school blackboard but this time he is wearing a mask and noting down “I must not write all over the walls” which covers the whole classroom.

My 5 Favorite Feel Good Fright Flicks For Halloween

Monsters are our friends. They teach us things and stop us from doing stupid stuff like entering dark basements in strange houses. They keep us on our toes, if nothing else.