Success Story of Gone With the Wind

The tale teaches the significance of life to a love-spoilt girl. It shows the nature of true love, which finally changes her into a lady. The war scenario is also depicted at its best.

Holes – Searching For Friendship

If you enjoyed the film, you will appreciate the book. There are more details and developments than the screen can accommodate. Holes, the book, is an award winning tale written by Louis Sachar. Among the awards it has earned are the Newberry Award, the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, and the Missouri Mark Twain Award.

“Friendly Persuasion” Finds a Pacifist Quaker Family in the Middle of a War

If “Friendly Persuasion” was produced 52 years after its original release in 1956, it might have won some of the 6 Oscar nominations it received, such as Best Sound and Best Writing, not to mention Best Picture and Best Director. The technical advancements in moviemaking today are light years ahead of where they were when William Wyler directed this simple film about a simple family in a very complicated situation.

Teeth – My Introduction to Feminist Horror

I am looking at the sticky notes I have little ideas about this movie written on. Never in my life have I written notes about a movie. I’m a social justice educator not a film critic.

Six Criteria For Choosing a Reliable DVD Rental Service

Before you finally decide to get signed up with a DVD rental service, there’s six features you should consider carefully. The first is the number of choices you have in their stock of videos available for rental and how many are in the types of videos you would rent. The larger rental sites have an available stock of 35,000 to 60,500 DVD to rent.

Voltron is Back on Track!

One of my favourite cartoons as a child is going to get updated into a film. Yeah, we heard it before and the Voltron movie possibilities just didn’t seem to be happening. But word is now that movies like Transformers are proving to be a big hit, they are looking at other franchises that just didn’t seem realistic to make movies out of.

The Dark Knight 2008 – Christian Bale, Heath Ledger

Batman the Dark Knight is a masterpiece. Batman, Harvey Dent and Gordan are forced to deal with a very calculated mastermind in the new Joker. The Jokers focus, to test the limits of each character, Batman will he cross the line and start to kill criminals to get to the truth, Gordan will he continue to cross the line and allow Batman to run unchecked through the city or Harvey Dent. With extreme pain and pressure will he crack and do things his own way without thinking about the law. And how does the Jokey push everyone to the edge, by using girlfriends and taking out high level public figures in the local government.

Movies Dedicated to Cars

Not so. How about movies with cars? That fits. Cars are so ingrained into American culture that they have become a sticking point in movies as well. So much that there have cars that have debuted in recent films.

Ty Pennington Facts – The Secret to His Success

Ty Pennington is the host of ABC’s popular show, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 19, 1964. His real name is Tygert Bruton Pennington. Ty Pennington is a spokesperson for ADHD Experts on Call. He personally struggled with hyperactivity as a child, as not enough was known about this condition at the time to provide appropriate treatment.

Places to Shoot a Movie in Michigan

When someone says “Michigan,” what comes to mind-besides cars, snow and college football? How about “regional filmmaking capital”? That idea may be new to some movie fans and movie makers, but it shouldn’t be. After all, the Wolverine State has long attracted filmmakers as a shooting location, thanks to its excellent cities, historically strong economy, and-above all-its great geographical diversity.

Things You Should Know About Movie Piracy

This article is about movie piracy. It has become a serious issue and several laws have been made to curtail it. You have to be careful that you do not violate piracy laws.

Two of the Biggest Events For Fans of the TV Series the Office

Since its premier in 2005, the TV series The Office has gathered quite a following. Now fans of the show are looking foreword to two of the biggest upcoming events in the history of the show.