Review – Sweeny Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Once again Tim Burton. Once again a musical. This time, though, with real actors. And among them, once again, Johnny Depp. And it has been already six the collaborations between the Gothic filmmaker and the idiosyncratic performer.

Review – There Will Be Blood

‘There will be blood’ is a sprawling, surreal but flawed epic of intense rabid obsession. Set in the unforgiving barren landscapes of the American south at the turn of the nineteenth century, this sure is an ambitious movie.

Review – Charlie Wilson’s War

Firstly, its not a political drama. Its much more of a lighter side to politics where issues are dealt with more better by adding a mix of humour and alcohol.

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Review – He Was A Quiet Man

There are lots of stories people hear all the time about school shootouts, suicide gunners and murderous maniacs. And there’s always a question that looms in our minds – what the heck was that guy thinking? ‘He was a quiet man’ is a not-so-subtle answer to that question. And it’s not-so-pretty either.

Review – Across the Universe

This movie is nothing short of a masterpiece. It has controlled, striking and deep performances, beautiful photography by the Oscar nominated Bruno Delbonnel, a charming story and to top all that, 34 breathtaking songs composed by the Beatles themselves.

Pimp My Ride vs Top Gear – Kings of Car Culture

Ever since Henry Ford spawned the internal combustion engine, petrol heads from around the world have worshiped the automobile. Car culture expresses itself in many forms; there are a plethora of magazines which cover all manner of car topics such racing, off-roading and classic cars; while on TV two of the most influential shows currently on our screens are T`op Gear and Pimp My Ride. Top Gear is a long running, award-winning BBC show about cars, and has been running since 1977.

Roll-Up for the 13th Annual Palm Beach Festival

The 13th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival is due to take place in April 2008 and organisers are hoping to attract even more stars and industry insiders than in previous years, including such international superstars as Anthony Hopkins, Faye Dunaway and Michael Caine. During the week of April 10th to 17th scores of films will be showcased at the festival, drawing many leading movie actors to the town. Last year over 20,000 filmgoers attended the many events and even more enthusiasts are expected this year.

‘Clerks’ – The Passion of Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith’s ‘Clerks’, released in 1994 and now considered a modern-day classic, started off as an idea while Smith was an employee at the Quick Stop convenience store and RST Video in his native New Jersey. Inspired by Richard Linklater’s ‘Slacker’, the ‘Divine Comedy’ by Dante Algihieri and Smith’s own experience of working in the convenience store, it was an inspired piece of film making about the malaise facing people in their early 20s, as viewed through the eyes of two convenience store clerks, Dante Hicks and Randall Graves.

Realistic Movies – The Craft Of Creative Minds

In this 21st century, entertainment is the one and only means of providing relaxation to the mind from worries. The most modern version of mass medium for entertainment is cinema. The motion picture has grown with the innovation of technology.

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Television may have started with only three channels, it has now progressed into a diversified market. Leading this diversity is the way individuals receive their television shows, as more and more individuals use alternative watching methods as opposed to when the show originally airs on TV. How would you believe that you can download TV shows to your gadgets today?

The Prime Time Reality For Deal or No Deal Models

It is in fact Deal or No Deal that will exist long after the legions of competitors have been forgotten. Consumers must take a step back and ask: “Why is it that we are so enthralled with this simple show?”. The answer is simpler than you might think, sex appeal, humor and the chance for a quick buck.