Download Movies Online – Are Video Stores Needed?

Imagine paying a small onetime fee and then having access to an unlimited number of your favorite movies, television shows and sporting events online. Even better, imagine if this process was legal. Well the exciting news is that this a reality, it IS possible to obtain legal move downloads! Multiple sites exist on the net that offer this and more, once of course you subscribe to the one time fee (a fee that lasts a lifetime!).

Do You Need a Special Interest DVD?

Since the introduction of the DVD, sales of these Digital Versatile Discs have been on the increase, not just within high street stores but also across the Internet. Sites such as, HMV and Amazon have all reaped the benefits of the demand of DVDs but also the Internet has seen an increase in websites which have been set up to specifically sell DVDs.

British TV Streams

Are you interested in watching free British television on the internet? That was the goal that was set in my mind to achieve and the website that I built is the beginning of that mission. If you have a spark of interest for Television of the British persuasion then read on.

The Changing Nature of Pop Culture Distribution

My wife and I watched the movie Juno last night, and I highly recommend it for your own viewing. But this isn’t a review of the movie, what sparked today’s essay is how (depressingly) little of its dialogue I didn’t understand. This was because of the quick cultural references spoken by the teenagers portrayed in the movie.

An Homage to Old School – Hulk Movie Pays Tribute to Hulk TV Series

Before CGI, The Incredible Hulk rampaged in our TV sets in the form of a body builder (Lou Ferrigno) painted in green. He moved in slow motion and was having a bad hair day. The Hulk 2008 paid tribute to the TV series through various references that include scenes and character names that fans of the TV series would or should recognize.

Download Movies – Are Now a Part of Life

With high speed internet and the technology that is available today it is just so easy to get your favourite movie in downloadable format. Imagine deciding what movie you wanted to watch, heading to your PC and choosing it and being able to watch almost instantly? Well, that is certainly possible. Downloadable movies are now available.

Review of “Dasavatharam”

The much-awaited ‘magnum opus’ of India’s legendary actor, Kamal Hassan, the movie “Dasavatharam’ finally got released in theatres all over the world. The much-hyped film, which was made at an all-time high budget, had been delayed for release of because of a number of nuisance petitions against it’s release. Finally all hurdles were released and the Kamal Starrer got released on the 13th of this month.

Anime – What’s it All About?

What exactly is anime? Why is it so popular? Read on to find out more about the latest craze and how you too can join in!

Gerard Butler – Lawyer to Actor to Stardom

Digging through the layers of the ever changing and unpredictable world of showbiz on the quest to stardom we find Scottish actor Gerard Butler at the forefront. Butler the star of Zack Snyder’s 300 as King Leonidas, didn’t start out as an actor in fact he earned a law degree from the Glasgow University and just one week before being qualified as a lawyer he was fired from the law firm he was working at.

Fun at the Movies – the Incredible Hulk and Marvel Crossovers

The 2008 blockbuster hit movie, The Incredible Hulk, finally brought Hulk fans redemption for their beloved superhero. Many opinions on the movie indicate that the 2008 version was much more loyal to the comic book than the 2003 release. Not only did the Hulk movie include staples to the Hulk universe such as Doc Sampson and the Abomination, it also made references to other Marvel comic book superheroes such as Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America.

Disney-Pixar Has Created a Masterpiece in Wall-E

The wait is over! Disney Pixar’s latest movie Wall-e is now in movie theaters. The Wall-E movie promises to be another great Disney Pixar hit. The storyline is that humans have polluted the earth so much they have to leave the planet and wait for the robots to clean it up. But the robots all break down, except for Wall-e. (Waste Allocation Load Lifter — Earth-Class).

Wall-E Review

I decided to go see Wall-E at the theater yesterday after having read so many great reviews for it. The theater I went to in NYC was packed, not too surprising. The surprising thing was that well over 9 in 10 of the people at the theater were adults.