Importance of Actresses in Bollywood and Bollywood Movies

International success of Bollywood films in India and all over the world is known fact today. With local dialects used India’s viewing public could never stop from watching these films and now with some films also in English, international recognition is not surprising. Even foreign film makers adopt Bollywood styles in film making to their on styles. But not all can even the artistry and passion that Bollywood film makers put in their films. With much influence from their culture and beliefs, Bollywood films are truly masterpieces that everyone must enjoy.

Why Michele DeVito Almost Quit Her Dream Job in Soaps

Michele DeVito had worked for six years as a legal secretary before the career change that led her to the world of soap operas as the Assistant to the Executive Producer on the daytime drama, Another World. Looking back (after 24 years in daytime) she remembers, it wasn’t an easy transition.

From Premium Channels to Network, Shows Not to Miss on Satellite TV

Sometimes, it’s easy to fall into the old habits of getting caught up in television bias, rather than checking out what’s happening over on other channels. Sure, those who are diehard fans of quirky HBO dramedy programming might know what they like on the home box office giant, but there are just as many great shows popping up on Showtime, or even on non-premium channels. Likewise, anyone who gets sucked into a black hole of only watching Fox, or Comedy Central, or any other channel is missing out on the myriad of shows that are actually out there.

Top 5 Grossing Movies of 2010 (So Far)

2010 has had a slew of movies released just begging people to get out of their homes and into the theaters. From 3D animated adventures and comic book heroes to mind-bending suspense and another vampire movie, Hollywood was able to make a buck or two as well as shove 3D into our faces some more. Aside from a remake and one original movie, this year’s top 5 was dominated by sequels. Hopefully this is a trend that will stop next year.

How To Easily Find Work As An Extra In Movies And TV

I have been on television three times in the last month. I was clearly seen and was able to hang out with celebrities and stars on the set of major network television shows. I did this with absolutely no experience and no connections in the movie business. How did I do it?

Geek Guide to Holiday Shopping 2010

If you ever wanted to own a piece of Hogwarts, here’s your chance. The new Lego Hogwarts Castle is the Christmas must-have for any Harry Potter fan.

Ridley Scott’s Alien

An overview of the now classic film that helped spawned several genres. It helped define science fiction.

‘Born on the Fourth of July’ – Myths and Misconceptions

Twenty years ago, Oliver Stone’s Born on the Fourth of July was a box office mega hit that earned a Best Actor nomination for Tom Cruise and the Academy’s Best Director Award for Stone. The movie was adapted from paralyzed Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic’s 1976 bestseller by the same title. Cruise played Kovic in the movie and many consider it his best Big Screen performance.

Real Story of the Living Dead

When you think of Zombies, often you think of super-gore, and modern zombie out-takes. Masses of rotting corpses, or maybe, superbly fast lithe creatures that express the true viral capability of the undead and disease. However, if you don’t know, this perceived image actually comes from Night of the Living Dead written by George Romero and John Russo.

Should Coors Light Be Featured on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

For those of you who have been watching Season 6 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, you’re probably wondering why Coors Light seems omnipresent. This piece takes a look at the product placement and whether there could have been a better choice.

Denon Receivers, The Best Choice If You Like Your Music

Denon receivers should be the first choice for anyone looking for a receiver for their home theater system. They are well made by a reputable company with years of experience. Denon receivers should be a must look when putting together your system.

Princess Mononoke

This movie was an event among friends. Back in the fall of 2007 I was taking a public speaking course at the University of Sherbrooke and one assignment was writing a persuasive speech. My friend and fellow film buff Derek Godin wrote a speech about why Sherbrooke should have an art house cinema where they would play cult movies. Since there was no way that would happen in real life, Derek decided to open his own art house by booking the rec room in the student lounge every Friday evening where he would play two movies from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.